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LiveAction provides comprehensive network performance management and diagnostics solutions that significantly enhance the management and monitoring of Cisco SD-WAN environments. By leveraging LiveAction’s capabilities, organizations can gain deeper insights into their network operations, optimize performance, and ensure a smooth and efficient SD-WAN deployment.

How LiveAction helps with Cisco SD-WAN:

01.Visualization and Real-Time Monitoring

  • Network Visibility: LiveAction offers a highly intuitive and graphical visualization of the entire network, including Cisco SD-WAN deployments. This visualization makes it easier for network administrators to understand the network’s topology, how traffic flows across the network, and identify potential issues.
  • Real-Time Monitoring: With LiveAction, organizations can monitor their Cisco SD-WAN in real time, allowing for immediate identification of performance degradations, bandwidth bottlenecks, and other critical issues that may affect network services.

02. Performance Analytics

  • Application Performance: LiveAction provides detailed analytics on application performance across the SD-WAN. This includes recognizing and prioritizing critical applications, ensuring they receive the bandwidth and resources needed for optimal performance.
  • QoS (Quality of Service) Analytics: By analyzing QoS configurations and performance, LiveAction helps ensure that traffic is appropriately prioritized across the SD-WAN, improving overall network quality and user experience.

03. Troubleshooting and Diagnostics

  • Rapid Problem Identification: With advanced diagnostics and the ability to capture and analyze network traffic in real time, LiveAction simplifies the process of identifying and resolving network issues within Cisco SD-WAN environments.
  • Historical Data Analysis: LiveAction stores historical performance data, enabling network administrators to perform trend analyses, capacity planning, and retrospective troubleshooting.

04. Security and Compliance

  • Security Monitoring: LiveAction enhances security posture by providing visibility into network traffic patterns and identifying potential security threats within the SD-WAN architecture.
  • Compliance Reporting: It also supports compliance efforts by generating reports that detail network performance against predefined standards and policies.

05. Optimization and Planning

  • Capacity Planning: Through detailed analysis of network usage and performance trends, LiveAction aids in effective capacity planning for Cisco SD-WAN deployments, ensuring networks are scaled appropriately to meet demand.
  • Policy Optimization: LiveAction’s insights into network operations enable organizations to refine and optimize SD-WAN policies for improved performance and cost efficiency.


LiveAction’s suite of tools and features is designed to enhance the management, monitoring, and optimization of Cisco SD-WAN deployments. By providing detailed visibility, real-time monitoring, and advanced analytics, LiveAction helps organizations ensure their Cisco SD-WAN environments are performing optimally, are secure, and can adapt to changing network demands. This support empowers network administrators to make informed decisions, reduce downtime, and improve overall network performance and user satisfaction.