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As part of our ongoing commitment, LiveAction provides a comprehensive range of support and technical services to help customers get the most out of LiveAction features and capabilities.

  • For technical support and services, contact or call us at 408-217-6501MondayFriday 6 a.m. -7 p.m. PT except for US holidays. 24/7 support is provided for Severity 1 issues.*

Issue Severity


Issue Examples

Severity 1 (Critical: Impacting Operations) The customer’s network or environment is down or there is a critical impact to their business operations and the source of this outage is directly related to LiveAction software.
  • LiveNX DB grows exponentially affecting another virtual machine due to thin provisioning.
  • Network devices down due to high CPU/memory utilization after provisioning NetFlow template using LiveNX application.
Severity 2 (Major: Functionality Severely Impaired) The LiveAction software running on the customer’s servers or client workstations has failed to function properly.
  • LiveNX Server/Node Unusable (Service Status Down)
  • LiveNX Node Unusable (Node Status Disconnected)
  • LiveNX Clients Unusable (HTML 5 client (Web UI) page unavailable) (Java Client hangs or throws unhandled exceptions error after login)
Severity 3 (Normal-General Problem)  Moderate loss of LiveNX application functionality or performance resulting in multiple users impacted in their normal functions. Minor feature/product failure, convenient workaround exists.
  • Java Client throws unhandled exception error when using certain feature but does not prevent the user from using the application.
  • Running LiveNX report slow or throw an error
  • Devices unavailable due to SNMP polling issues
  • Web UI page slow to navigate


Severity 4 (Low-Information Request) The customer requires information or assistance with LiveAction product capabilities, installation, or configuration.
  • Installation
  • Configuration
  • Question regarding how to use the product


The customer requires information or assistance with LiveAction product capabilities, installation, or configuration.

Open a Case

To report a problem with, request the addition of a feature for, or ask a question about LiveAction software products, please fill out the form below as fully as possible. If you are a Technical Support Services Agreement holder and your request is related to a Severity 1 outage, please call 408-217-6501 so that we can assist you sooner.

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