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Network Topology Mapper

Network Mapping Software for Your Entire Network

LiveNX includes a real-time network topology mapper to visualize discovered devices, interfaces, applications, VPNs, and users. Network and application performance data is shown in context on the network topology in an easy to interpret visual display.


Real-Time Mapping Software
for Your Entire Network

Simplify mapping of your entire network.


Engineering Console Topology
  • Understand the macro and micro context of network events
  • Visualize both SNMP and flow data simultaneously
  • Validate QoS priority at each hop
Operations Logical Topology
  • Enhanced flow visualization
  • Create and share multiple maps
  • Drilldown into specific sites and devices
  • Customize layout views
Operations Geographic Topology
  • Visualize SD-WAN tunnels
  • Identify site “health” status
  • VoiP quality analysis (MOS score)
  • Analyze simplified flow visualizations
  • Quickly apply filters

LiveAction is Your Integrated Network Monitoring Tools Solution

Seamlessly move from situational insights to understanding network-wide performance.

Automate Device Discovery and Mapping

LiveNX automates discovery of devices, interfaces, applications, VPNs, and users throughout your entire network and displays in a real-time network topology view.


Multi-Level Network Drill Down Navigation

Easily navigate real-time with drill down capabilities from high-level global topology – to a site-level – to detailed application, device, or interface views


Generate and Export Maps and Reports

With a few clicks transition from real-time visualization to generate and export maps in Visio or PDF or share via email.


React Quickly to Incidents with Integrated Active Alerts

LiveNX integrates alert notifications into the topology maps and other site-specific reports, such as active elements, making it easy to identify and quickly resolve incidents.


Simplify Network Inventory Management

Obtain reliable data on devices, such as routers, switches, firewalls, and VPNs throughout your network by generating network inventory reports.


Transition from Mapping to Network Troubleshooting

Because network topology maps are integrated into LiveNX performance platform, it is easily to transition from mapping to network problem identification and resolution all from a single platform.