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Multi-Vendor Visual Analytics for Cisco DNA Center

Multi-Vendor Visual Analytics video by John Smith from Cisco Live 2018, Intent-based networking ushers in an elevated approach to delivering high-quality digital experiences for people and things (IoT) alike. While network complexity is abstracted to enable business requirements, it doesn’t change the need for network professionals to be equipped with the platform and tools to see more and control more.

Through intent-based policies, enterprises can achieve security, agility with control of application, traffic segmentation, and bandwidth optimization and routes. The challenge for network teams is understanding the system in real time, verifying if changes in policy intent are followed while optimizing for future requirements.

LiveNX provides visual analytics as a solution for knowing and understanding the network through visualization of end-to-end network telemetry in context of intent, purpose-built for the operations, engineering and architecture teams. In this session, you will learn how LiveNX delivers policy verification at enterprise scale.