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As companies aim to cut costs with tool consolidation, network engineers are faced with making strategic decisions about which tools to keep. This means selecting tools that are not only versatile but also integrate effectively with mission-critical applications.

The bad news is that this reduction in resources can pose a number of challenges for IT teams, particularly in complex network environments. The good news? LiveWire can help. The enterprise packet capture and analysis solution can serve as the center of your workflow when investigating the network and security issues of your remaining tools.

As network environments are inundated with events and logs from mission-critical applications like Cisco Stealthwatch, Splunk, Grafana, and Service Now, LiveWire provides an easy-to-use REST API that enables these tools to integrate seamlessly into the network management workflow. Instead of being a standalone tool, LiveWire works in conjunction with existing systems to manage network and security issues.

When a Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) system such as Palo Alto or Splunk triggers an event, it often includes a drill-down action that specifies the desired outcome upon interaction, such as viewing flow, application, IP address, and associated time range. LiveWire becomes the hub for investigating these alerts by capturing all network packets around the clock. Whether it’s a smaller remote network setup or a large data center with extensive storage capabilities, LiveWire handles packet capture both on-premises and in the cloud.

Upon receiving alerts, network operators can utilize LiveWire’s REST API for forensic searches across the network, even when the data is spread across multiple LiveWire devices. The platform provides a comprehensive web UI for in-depth analysis, catering to various network monitoring and security requirements. The expert system enhances the analysis of events received from other tools by offering detailed packet analysis, which helps in identifying potential network issues more granularly.

As companies navigate the complexities of cost reduction by consolidating their network management tools, the versatility and integration capabilities of the remaining tools are critical. Be sure to look for tools that not only meets the demands of tool consolidation but also enhances the network engineers’ capacity to manage and secure their networks effectively.

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