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LiveNX Short Demo Videos

LiveNX Demo – SD-WAN

LiveAction is a Cisco Ecosystem partner, we are well known for our deep integration with Cisco SD-WAN.

This video is to show you the power of visual analytics in managing your Cisco SD-WAN and demonstrates the following use cases

  1. VRF/VPN topology verification
  2. Tracking application paths
  3. DSCP marking verification
  4. Application route verification


LiveNX Demo – QoS Configuration

LiveNX simplifies the complex and error-prone process of QoS configuration by providing an easy-to-use interface to optimize and simplify your QoS deployment. LiveNX ensures a quick and successful QoS deployment.


LiveNX Demo – Dashboard

In this short video, we are going to show you how LiveNX can help to reduce MTTR when troubleshooting network performance issues with monitoring dashboard and reporting.


LiveNX Demo – Flow to Packet

LiveNX integrates SNMP, Flow, and Packet analysis in a single pane of glass. Within the LiveNX platform, you can quickly transition from flow analysis to deep forensic analysis using our Omnipeek protocol analysis software.


LiveNX Demo – Capacity Planning

In this video, we are going to show you how LiveNX helps in your bandwidth management and capacity planning to avoid overspending and over-provisioning.


LiveNX Demo – Visual Analytics

LiveNX is best known for its visual analytics, in this short video, we are going to show you how LiveNX’s visual analytics can help to reduce MTTR in troubleshooting voice and video issues.


LiveNX Demo – Omnipeek Remote Assistant

Remote troubleshooting has become critical as more users are working remotely.

Omnipeek Remote Assistant is designed for remote support and troubleshooting. Is secure and easy to use.  Users can easily capture the critical network data and transfer it back to the support team for deep packet analysis.


LiveNX Demo – Reporting

LiveNX provides more than 125 out of the box reports and the number continues to grow. LiveNX reporting is very flexible, users can even customize their own reports by selecting any field from the flow record to display in their report.