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Future Proofing Your SD-WAN is More Important Than Ever

future proof sd-wanNearly everybody, we talk to in the industry says SD-WANs are at the top of their priority list, especially as 2018 budget planning gets underway. As the industry continues to march toward SD-WAN adoption, it’s impossible to ignore the fact that IT networks are getting even more complex. One of the biggest concerns customers have are whether their investments in SD-WAN will actually pay off and can they report on the improved performance outlined in the original business plan

“Future proofing Your SD-WAN” is what networking industry expert Ethan Banks from Packet Pushers and LiveAction’s CTO and co-founder John K. Smith recently talked about in the latest webinar.

Well worth the replay, the webinar covers:

  • Critical factors to consider when it comes to planning and deploying SD-WAN across branches, hybrid IT environments, applications, and users.
  • Why real-time network visualization is one of the most vital first steps to ensuring successful SD-WAN deployments.
  • The three biggest challenges in monitoring SD-WANs.
  • The rise of machine learning in managing networks and where and when to insert a “human-in-the-loop” approach.
  • How to achieve full visibility and service assurance in monitoring your SD-WAN.

John and Ethan’s conversation is like listening to two really smart friends as they guide you through everything you need to know for getting the most from your investments in SD-WAN – regardless of what stage of deployment your company is in.

Watch it now and hear their insights on the SD-WAN market, real-world use cases, and how LiveNX future proofs your investments in SD-WAN.