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LiveNX 8.0 To Deliver First Ever Combining Flow, SNMP and Packet Data

LiveNX 8 To Deliver the Industry’s First Ever Unified Network Monitoring Platform Combining Flow, SNMP and Packet Data

At LiveAction we strive to create exceptional network management solutions that make it easy for Network Operations (NetOps) and IT teams to maintain application and network performance no matter the complexity of the network. That’s why with the launch of LiveNX 8 today, we’ve created the first-ever Network Performance Management and Diagnostics (NPMD) platform that integrates flow data with packet capture and analysis.

Identify Problems Faster; Fix Problems Faster

LiveNX 8 offers customers a truly comprehensive end-to-end network management solution that dramatically enhances the network monitoring and diagnostics capabilities of NetOps teams, enabling organizations to quickly identify the root cause of network issues and accelerating the Mean Time to Repair (MTTR). It now leverages the industry’s broadest set of data sources, including Flow (IPFIX, NetFlow, sFlow, Streaming), Packet (full capture and analytics), SNMP and API integrations (REST, Bulk, Stream and others), allowing organizations to achieve end-to-end visibility and control across multi-fabric networks including branch locations, WANs and SD-WANs, data centers and multi-cloud environments.

A key part of the expanded offering of LiveNX 8 is the introduction of LiveWire™, a new appliance designed to be deployed at the network edge for continual monitoring of the environment. LiveWire captures and converts real-time packet data, which feeds directly into the visualization engine of LiveNX 8. Together, LiveWire and LiveNX 8 bring new visual insights and analytics to traditionally “dark” environments where other forms of telemetry data are not available or where deeper insights are valuable. LiveWire is extremely powerful for numerous use cases including branch wireless monitoring, point-of-sale transaction troubleshooting and VoIP troubleshooting.

LiveWire Remote Monitoring Appliance


Support for Cisco SD-WAN

LiveNX is also the first NPMD platform to support Cisco SD-WAN on both vEdge (Viptela) and cEdge (ISR/ASR) routers, providing integrated domain visibility with the rest of the enterprise. This includes overlay tunnel and VPN visibility for planning the migration, verifying policy enforcement, and optimizing SD-WAN migrations and deployments. With the proven capabilities of LiveNX in IWAN on-premises deployments, LiveAction is in a unique position to expand Cisco SD-WAN support without a retrofit for performance monitoring, making the cEdge or vEdge expansions and redesigns seamless and risk-free.

snmp packet data

LiveNX Operations Dashboard – cEdge Device View

Dashboard Improvements and Richer Reporting for Enhanced Visibility

A big part of delivering comprehensive visibility is using our powerful visualization engine to deliver advanced visual analytics. LiveNX 8 takes another step forward in this area as well, delivering logical topology enhancements to the Operations Dashboard that enable the creation of multiple topology visualizations for tracking application paths and QoS markings in the WAN for service assurance. With these added capabilities, NetOps can now create a tabbed view with specific filters to highlight the areas of concern, and share, drill down or delete as needed to resolve the incident.We’re also introducing Executive Reporting capabilities to present multiple datasets in one comprehensive view for rapid analysis by key stakeholders and management organizations. In addition, new Cisco Application Visibility and Control (AVC) reports deliver richer visibility of application performance by Site, Service Provider, Device and Users.

AVC application

LiveNX Application Performance by Site

Additional Highlighted Features in LiveNX 8 Include:

  • Added Custom Triggers for Alerting support in the Operations Dashboard for tracking device level per-queue QoS performance and syslog notifications for advanced notice on issues impacting the business.
  • Improved device management including SNMP credential pooling for rapid onboarding and Time to Value.
  • Additional custom and template Dashboard options for a tailored Network Operations Center (NOC) view.
  • Integration updates with ServiceNow, Cisco DNA Center and Cisco’s Identity Service Engine (ISE).
  • New Omnipeek capabilities for an integrated workflow and easy drill down into packet data analysis, reducing the mean time to incident resolution.
  • Extended Omnipeek analysis for Financial Transaction Card Message Interchange protocol (ISO8583).


8 and LiveWire are available now. Find out more information here.

Mark Milinkovich, Director of Product Marketing

Nov. 14, 2018