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Partner Mike Follmer is the founder of filed for bankruptcy just last year. They got caught asleep at the wheel. Now their customers see the writing on the wall, and many are running for the hills. A company with 2 billion dollars in debt and actively trying to reduce that by half focuses on cutting costs, not investing in product development and support.” Riverbed is another example of a legacy provider that didn’t adapt its products to the changing times. For example, there is no use for a WAN accelerator that compresses traffic when over 90% of traffic today is encrypted and uncompressible. When SD-WAN arrived, there was no innovation made to the product line. Today, Riverbed is struggling to survive off renewals from their legacy kit while battling debt.

SolarWinds – security concerns

“LiveAction saw a huge windfall from that security breach, and it’s still riding that wave.”

We are all very familiar with the Russian hack of SolarWinds. Russian hackers took advantage of an unpatched, known issue. The hacker remained undetected in the system for at least six months while planning their attack. They planted a trojan horse back door into product downloads. This gave hackers could access to any SolarWinds customer running this version of the product.


In court, it was determined that a class-action lawsuit over the data breach could move forward due to the “reckless” behavior, of using the password “solarwinds123” for critical infrastructure like the update server. While the weak password wasn’t tied directly to the Orion breach, it does not inspire confidence in the organization’s overall security practices.

“Trusting a company’s cybersecurity posture that cannot follow basic security principles or catch their own attacker is a big ask.”

LiveAction Keeps Pushing Ahead

Not Just Innovation but Smart Integrations

LiveAction builds deep integrations to expand its reach. From Cisco to Fortinet to VMware to Gigamon, LiveAction invests in creating a cohesive monitoring ecosystem that closes all telemetry gaps.

Follmer sees a lot of value from the Gigamon integration when working with his clients. “The LiveAction partnership and integration with Gigamon is very compelling. It puts the whole package together and gives you a competitive advantage that puts you a toe ahead of anyone else out there.”

About LiveAction

LiveAction is always innovating and striving to be the best-in-class NPM and APM solution available.

We love to hear from partners like Mike Follmer. He keeps us on the pulse of what our customers and prospects need, and how we can continuously improve to deliver the best solution.

LiveAction Partner Program

LiveAction partner program has grown by 20% in the last year and is not slowing down. We recently launched a new partner portal loaded with features, benefits, and spiffs. To find out how to join our partner affiliate program or view testimonials, learn more here.