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What organization doesn’t want to save time and increase productivity? It’s important for businesses to stay in the know regarding their device inventory and help them by minimizing the time spent compiling and updating your device information.

Being able to view source to destination is key for organizations when choosing a network management solution, including:

  • Routers
  • Switches
  • Firewalls 
  • Any other network devices in between 

What is Device Inventory?

To put it simply, device inventory is a list of devices in an organization – anything connected to your network. What data or information you collect from these devices will depend on what you’re using to collect the inventory.

For IT departments, it’s beneficial to have an accurate device inventory. Keeping track can save time, money, and bandwidth. A network management solution can tell you which device is having an issue and why, to quickly address the issue.

To learn more about LiveAction’s LiveNX Device Inventory workflow, watch our video below!

See Your Devices in LiveNX

As seen in the video above, LiveNX has built-in workflows to help users get to information very quickly. Instead of running multi reports, there is a lot of different reports in the solution. This is powerful if you want to create templates or do a monthly report.

If you just want to get to the information you want you can do that in stories. One story, in particular, is device inventory. This story or workflow will allow you to provide a list of all the devices on your network to monitor and explore details.


  • Any tags assigned to groups you’ll be able to see
  • Export data for documentation purposes into a .csv 
  • Various interphase options
  • Use the search function to get specific and get the information you want/need

For example, if your team wants device information for the Austin location or maybe New York, in LiveNX’s device inventory story, you can the data that is most needed by getting more granular and using filters.

Automatically do a device discovery and quickly create an exhaustive inventory of every Device and Interface in the network. Quickly resolve complex incidents that involve different systems, vendors, devices, and software with a rapid incident response workflow with alert notification and predictive insight.

The LiveNX Difference

People, assets, and processes are ever-changing in today’s digital economy. Having a comprehensive device inventory with device type, name, serial number, location, OS version, and more all add to the end-to-end visibility and control NetOps gain with LiveNX.

LiveNX offers the ability to gather and analyze volumes of network data at scale from every device, application, and user to reduce mean time to repair, and it performs the exploratory and explanatory analysis.

You can support application recognition facilitated by network device reporting or Deep Packet Inspection (DPI). You can also, gather network performance metrics from infrastructure devices with application performance enriched Flow data for a comprehensive Application path analysis or hop-by-hop

Want to get in the driver’s seat and try LiveNX for yourself? Try our free download of LiveNX or get in touch with one of our technical experts for a one-on-one demo experience