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In the rapidly evolving landscape of digital connectivity, organizations are increasingly reliant on robust network infrastructures to support their operations. Ensuring optimal network performance has become a critical aspect of business success.

When application performance problems inevitably arise, IT teams spend 90% of their time hunting down the root cause and only 10% on the fix itself. This is because there’s virtually an unlimited number of potential causes across today’s complex, multi-vendor, multi-domain network environments. And in many cases, IT departments don’t have the right data — or enough data — to solve the problem. They receive alerts or indicators when problems arise, but they often lack the network packets that provide the level of detail needed, so they’re forced to try to reproduce issues or wait for them to happen again.

Together, LiveAction and Gigamon’s partnership offers enterprises a better solution for application delivery and troubleshooting.

Tool Sprawl

Some enterprises use 20+ point solutions to monitor and troubleshoot their complex networks, leading to inefficiency and even confusion. But even if there was just one “magic tool” that offered every capability imaginable, IT employees would still find and use a point solution that does one aspect just a little bit better. Then another engineer might come along and — even though the existing toolset meets all the requirements — adopt their favorite (or favorites), and before long there are more tools in the mix again. And then a newly expanded cloud infrastructure might necessitate new solutions.

Think about how much time, effort, and money is involved in making employees experts on just one tool. Many IT teams are lean and find that there are never enough resources. How can an organization expect IT engineers to become skilled at operating 20 or more tools, especially when many of these solutions can’t or don’t integrate? Beyond these training challenges, tool sprawl is a clear recipe for disaster — or at least incredible complexity and inefficiency — when it comes to balancing IT budget and productivity and overall network performance management.

The Power of Integration

Complex network environments require simple monitoring solutions. Organizations use LiveAction to manage network performance in these environments. Leveraging the Gigamon Deep Observability Pipeline to capture and intelligently route high-fidelity packets or streams of network traffic, LiveAction LiveNX and LiveWire provide intuitive and powerful ways to monitor, manage, and troubleshoot applications and network performance for today’s enterprise IT environments and provide benefits in the following areas:

  • Hybrid WAN/SD-WAN Monitoring and Service Assurance
  • Cloud Monitoring
  • Application Performance and Troubleshooting
  • Voice and Video Optimization
  • QoS Configuration and Validation
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Comprehensive Packet Analytics for Multi-Domain
  • Capacity Planning and WAN Bandwidth Management

How It Works

The Gigamon Deep Observability Pipeline provides LiveAction LiveWire with network traffic as packets and continual NetFlow/metadata records to LiveNX. Network traffic from TAP and SPAN ports are sent to the Gigamon Deep Observability Pipeline. The user specifies which traffic to monitor, and the Gigamon Deep Observability Pipeline passes packets and generates Application Metadata Intelligence (AMI) in the form of IPFIX which LiveAction can analyze.

LiveAction leverages packet capture analysis with advanced technologies, such as deep packet inspection (DPI)-based application visibility and SD-WAN and cloud monitoring to provide an effective monitoring solution in the area of application network performance. It uses SNMP to monitor device health, QoS, and other technologies. It leverages APIs from SD-WAN and other fabrics to verify performance and network intent. It can also connect with IT service management (ITSM) solutions like ServiceNow for full operational excellence. It uses flow data (IPFIX and NetFlow) for advanced application and network performance monitoring, conversational data, and the Gigamon Deep Observability Pipeline with Application Metadata Intelligence (AMI).

On-Prem Deployment:

AWS Deployment:

Employing a variety of data sources, LiveAction visualizes packets and flows across your network topology so you can understand what is happening in your network and the impact on application performance.

Gigamon Application Metadata Intelligence (AMI) Support in LiveNX:

A Better Solution for Application Delivery and Troubleshooting

In an era where network performance is synonymous with business success, the collaboration between Gigamon and LiveAction offers a powerful solution. The integration of Gigamon’s deep observability and LiveAction’s network intelligence capabilities provides organizations with the tools they need to proactively manage, monitor, and optimize their networks. As businesses continue to rely on digital connectivity, this partnership proves to be a strategic investment in ensuring a resilient and high-performing network infrastructure.