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Cloud Monitoring CapabilitiesMonitoring the public cloud has traditionally been a major pain point for IT. Most tools designed to address this issue – whether directly from cloud providers or specialized point solutions – fall short of delivering the capabilities IT teams really need today. They’re challenging to manage alongside existing cloud monitoring products and can’t provide a comprehensive view of network or application issues that extend across both on-premises and public cloud environments.

While public cloud adoption continues to rise, blind spots in these environments are prevalent and can be costly. According to Gartner, “by 2021, fewer than 15% of organizations will implement holistic monitoring solutions, putting $255 billion of investments in cloud-based solutions at risk.”

That’s why we’ve added new cloud monitoring capabilities to LiveNX to extend network and application visibility into Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure public cloud infrastructure. Using LiveNX, you can now access the same in-depth level of analytics for your public cloud workloads as you have for your core network. It offers a single, unified interface for end-to-end visibility from the network to the cloud, and is the only solution on the market to offer packet to flow visualization capabilities for true application performance monitoring in the public cloud.

LiveNX makes monitoring AWS and Azure environments easy. New and existing LiveAction customers can leverage the platform to examine traffic behavior, application usage and performance within cloud infrastructure the same way they do on-premises. How exactly does it work? The platform ingests cloud flow logs and integrates with cloud APIs, while LiveAction’s new LiveWire Virtual product enables teams to capture and convert packets that are traversing the public cloud into flow data, which is then consumed by LiveNX for in-depth performance analytics and visualization.These new LiveNX cloud monitoring capabilities are perfect for a variety of other enterprise IT use cases as well, including:

  • Cloud Migrations – When transitioning on-premises applications to public cloud environments, the solution can provide data-driven pre-deployment assessments to measure bandwidth usage and performance baselines, as well as post-deployment validation reports.
  • Cost and Consumption Analyses – These new capabilities can help IT teams measure the performance and utilization baselines of cloud applications and services against trends over time to facilitate capacity planning and optimization.
  • Security Incident Response – LiveNX can now enable users with clear and deep visibility into accepted and rejected traffic within cloud environments to pinpoint origin, path and destination details that are critical to security investigations.
  • Ongoing End-to-End Monitoring and Troubleshooting – From a single interface, the solution can provide an end-to-end path analysis of applications that cross between on-premises networks and the cloud, helping IT teams triage issues and effectively focus troubleshooting efforts whether on the network, in the cloud or somewhere in between.

LiveNX cloud monitoring for AWS and Azure is available now. For more information on how LiveNX can meet your cloud monitoring needs, check out this quick video tutorial or schedule a demo today.

*Gartner “How to React to the Impact of the Cloud on IT Operations Monitoring,” Padraig Byrne, Sanjit Ganguli, Refreshed 11 February 2020, Published 29 August 2018