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LiveWire Product Updates – Q2 2023

The latest updates to the LiveWire family deliver massive performance enhancements, deeper insights, and vastly expanded packet storage.

About LiveWire

LiveWire is a high-performance packet analysis solution that captures and stores detailed packet data for network and application performance and forensic insights. With LiveWire, your network teams have the data to ensure the performance and security of the network.


With the latest updates of the LiveWire family, LiveAction has massively improved the performance, manageability, and usability of the LiveWire packet analysis solution for even the largest enterprise networks. This release centers around three major upgrades: new appliances, updates to the LiveWire software, and enterprise-class manageability.

New LiveWire Appliances

LiveAction is introducing new LiveWire Core and LiveWire PowerCore appliances that deliver a tremendous increase in performance and storage capacity:

  • Greater than 300% increase in real-time traffic analysis capabilities
  • More than 200% increase in storage density for the same form factor
  • Field-upgradable to 2+ petabytes of raw storage and 6+ PB of effective storage using compression and/or slicing – more storage in 1/3 the footprint of major competitors

LiveWire Technical Specifications

Software Enhancements

LiveWire has upgraded its software with a number of improvements to improve overall performance, compression, and usability.

  • Upgrades Existing LiveWire Appliances: When upgraded to v23.2 software, existing LiveWire Gen 1 Core and PowerCore appliances will experience a dramatic boost in performance from the increased compression enabled by the software.
  • Support for Two-Factor-Authentication (2FA): Customers demand the most secure systems possible. 2FA has become an industry standard in adding security to user authentication, and now LiveWire offers an easy-to-configure and flexible 2FA solution.
  • Reconstruct Flow Contents from Packets for FTP, SMTP, and SMB: Being able to pivot from flow-based analysis to detailed analysis based on packets is a key differentiator for LiveWire/LiveNX, but wouldn’t it be better to see the actual content those packets represent? Users can now reconstruct content directly from packets for FTP, SMTP, and SMB.
  • LiveNX and ThreatEye Telemetry Performance Increase: LiveWire provides telemetry based on packets for both LiveNX NPM and ThreatEye NDR. In LiveWire v23.2, the performance of telemetry generation has significantly increased for ThreatEye by itself, and when using LiveNX and ThreatEye simultaneously.

LiveWire Grid: Enterprise-Class Manageability

To help with the installation, ongoing administration, and configuration of LiveWire appliances, LiveAction introduces a new tool for NetOps teams: LiveWire Grid. LiveWire Grid simplifies and scales the management and administration of LiveWire devices, no matter how many are deployed.

  • Efficiently manages 100s or 1,000s of LiveWire devices – Physical, Virtual, or Cloud
  • Streamlines installation and ongoing administration for an exceptionally low TCO
  • Offers configuration management from a single SaaS console
  • Provides template-based mass configuration pushes
  • Delivers cloud-based backup and restore for easy, efficient roll-backs
  • Enables Single Sign On
  • Improves the user experience while reducing operational overhead
  • Reduces hardware costs and lowers maintenance costs

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