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Packet Capture/Flow to Packet

Optimize application performance at data centers, remote sites, WAN edge, and cloud.

packetcaptureandflowNetwork challenges:

  • The network dictates application performance.
  • As applications traverse the network, network health and performance have an impact on application performance.
  • Network slowness and downtime disrupts revenue generation, business processes, and customer relationships.
  • Once a problem is detected, IT teams must race to solve it.

Visibility challenges:

  • Visibility is lacking when network infrastructure devices don’t generate flow in key areas you need to monitor, or when these devices are oversubscribed
  • By turning on flow generation, network functions degrade, possibly causing data loss on the network.
  • Visibility is also difficult in virtual environments. Flow generation is often unavailable within virtual network infrastructure.

With LiveWire you can generate flow from packets. Flow data generated directly from packets provides more detail than any flow-based standard, adding to the rich network monitoring data that already exists in LiveNX. LiveWire makes it easy to transition from packets to flow data and back to packets for detailed analysis when needed, all with a single network monitoring dashboard. LiveAction provides a unified solution that deals with flow and detailed root cause analysis with an easy integration between reporting level and root cause from a single pane of glass.

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