LiveNX – Yes! It’s a Big Deal

We just launched the latest version of LiveNX 7!

We’re pretty excited around here these days.  LiveNX 7 is our most significant platform release yet. But enough about us. Here’s what it means for customers that are looking to get even more from their investments in IT network performance management and analytics.

We’re doubling down on intent-based networking

In June 2017, Cisco announced the concept of intent-based networking. It’s not a product or a market. Instead, as intent-based networking brings together all the latest networking innovations including SDN, virtualization, machine learning, model-based APIs, and security-related innovations into a closed-loop system capable of identifying, predicting, and responding to business needs. The result is improved network availability and simplicity.

As the industry marches toward intent-based networking, businesses need greater visibility and control across their networks and LiveNX is uniquely designed to address those needs. Here are just a few of the reasons why.

We’re the industry’s SD-WAN “insurance” policy

Everybody in the industry is abuzz about SD-WAN. And why wouldn’t they be? Cost savings, greater efficiencies, better network performance, and the benefits, the list goes on. The reality is there are lots – and we mean lots – of SD-WAN solutions on the market. As those different SD-WAN technologies get integrated into various networking environments, it can hinder your visibility into how your network is performing. With LiveNX, you get complete visibility into the SD-WAN overlay and infrastructure technologies including Cisco ISR, ASR (IWAN), Viptela, and Meraki. LiveNX acts as an insurance policy for your existing and future investments in SD-WAN, providing assurance on their performance by giving you greater visibility into the network, including hybrid IT environments.



LiveNX – Universal SD-WAN Monitoring

LiveNX – Universal SD-WAN Monitoring


A better way of machine learning – keeping a “human-in-the-loop”

Announced in June at Cisco Live! US in preview mode, LiveInsight is our machine learning offer with LiveNX 7. It continuously learns the behavior of end users and applications and presents the data discoveries to network engineers as insights. By transforming this knowledge into event-driven insights, you can automate routine tasks and get notified in advance of changes across the network that might impact performance. Learn more about it here.

Apple Fast Lane Reporting

In June 2017, Apple and Cisco broadened their strategic partnership to accelerate mobile transformation for the enterprise, delivering seamless experiences. With Apple Fast Lane integration from Cisco, LiveNX now reports on the performance of policies applied to iOS devices running on Cisco enterprise environments. The LiveNX reports show metrics for application performance, utilization, and business relevance.

Greater visibility beyond network devices

LiveAgent – End-point monitoring


LiveAgent is an end-point monitoring solution that extends the visibility of LiveNX beyond network devices. It continuously manages and monitors devices, services, virtual machines, and containers across the network, including multi-cloud environments to provide discovery, inventory, and usage insights. Check it out here.

Support for IT Service Management (ITSM) Platforms

LiveNX is now integrated with ServiceNow’s cloud-based platform to automate alert to the incident creation and reporting for faster resolution of issues. This builds on LiveNX’s ITSM capabilities including our recently announced integration with PagerDuty, the incident management platform.

Flexible Deployment with Amazon Web Services (AWS)

With LiveNX deployed in AWS, businesses benefit from elastic cloud computing and storage environments that enable them to more effectively manage and optimize private cloud networks.

Integration with Cisco Identity Service Engine (ISE)

LiveNX’s integration with Cisco ISE delivers identity connection, authentication and query support to facilitate the exchange of contextual information with Cisco products that support pxGrid.

There’s a lot to see in LiveNX. We’re excited and hope you are, too. There are three ways you can learn more:

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