Atrium Health Navicent Realizes ROI in <6 Months with LiveAction

Atrium Health Navicent saw time savings of over 20% while enhancing their visibility and root-cause analysis.

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    Atrium Health Navicent, like all healthcare facilities, require consistent uptime and operational efficiency to best serve their patients.

    They were faced with the following challenges:

    • End-to-end network application performance visibility on healthcare platforms such as EHR and critical telehealth applications.
    • Detailed, root-cause analysis with drill-down from flow to packet analysis

    Use Case

    The key features and top purchasing drivers of LiveAction were:

    • Enhanced visibility to optimize patient care for healthcare providers.


    Atrium Health Navicent achived the following results with LiveAction:

    • Increased network visibility for better decisions
    • Saved <20% with LiveAction solutions
    • Realized a return on investment within 6 months.

    Organizational Profile

    Company Size:
    Large Enterprise


    Enabled use to monitor our MPLS linkd to keep an eye on link utilization and identify any issues.

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    Atrium Health Navicent Realizes ROI in <6 Months with LiveAction

    Read Case Study

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