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Video, UCaaS, VoiP Monitoring Software

Communications monitoring, troubleshooting and mitigation in minutes.

Poor video conferencing performance, but can’t seem to reproduce the issue?
It seems like the most business-critical applications are always the most sensitive to latency, jitter, packet loss.

There’s a better way.

video Conference performance

Stop chasing phantom VoIP issues. Trace, Capture, Troubleshoot, and resolve the problem in a matter of minutes.

Past: Operational Visibility with Historical Playback

See exactly what happened when with a historical playback and analysis feature that drill down to a specific Ip address within any specified time frame.

Present: Real Time Voice and Video Application Visibility

QoS and IP SLA Monitoring quick access to the source of the issue & faster troubleshooting MTTR.

Future: Predictive Analytics prevent recurrence of issues

based on high usage times and trends know when to add additional resources or increase prioritization of this traffic

LiveAction Improves Voice, Video, and UCaaS Performance Experience

90% Faster MTTR with 99% accuracy – Let LiveAction empower your Voice, Video and UCaaS Performance with stats that deliver.

Faster MTTR

Science-Based Design
Our visual user interface allows for rapid response with color coded areas of concern making it easier for admins to rapidly discern and react with a single click, into the root cause.

Science Based Design

NOC’s Tool of Choice
LiveAction’s monitoring dashboard removes the chase and quickly surfaces the reported issue for within-in minutes troubleshooting, semi-automous response, set and forget alerting and rapid ticket resolution.

NOC Tool of Choice

Ensure The Quality of Your video and voice calls with these protective measures

Jitter & Latency Monitoring

Any jitter on voice traffic that exceeds 30 milliseconds results in alerting – once jitter exceeds this time it begins to trigger packet loss & call quality degredation. .

Jitter Latency Monitoring

Set the Right QoS Metrics

Set custom QoS prioritization to make sure that when congestion happens, voice packets are the last to drop. Model QoS configurations and network policies in a test lab or staging environment before implementing production changes.

Set the Right QoS Metrics

Run a Capacity Planning Assessment

Ensure that you have adequate bandwidth to handle the load of the VoIP and video applications you are running.

Run a Capacity Planning Assessment

Let’s Look at a Use Case

A renowned University was using Wireshark to troubleshoot VoIP issues, an unnecessarily lengthy process that would take at least 20 minutes to troubleshoot, capture, trace, and solve the problem.

Switching to LiveNX, they could easily isolate the issue and solve the problem in less than 5 minutes! Our solution has taken troubleshooting time down tremendously – a 75% decrease in MTTR!


Learn what our customers already know and see the broadest telemetry platform in action

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LiveAction’s Vendor Agnostic Monitoring platform generates unmatched visibility into your voice, video and UCaaS traffic stream.