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Managing Network Readiness 

Perform continuous monitoring to gain clear insight into priority updates and upgrades to optimize the network. 

Network Element Visibility

Analyze network telemetry to assess device and interface health.

Traffic Monitoring and Management

Ensure network infrastructure agility and scalability is available to minimize the impact of shifting traffic patterns.

Device and Service Management

Identify and prioritize failing or impaired network services or equipment for review, maintenance, or replacement.

Deliver a Better User Experience

Correlate the impairment of network elements with their impact on network performance, and ultimately user experience.

Whitepaper: Network Capacity Planning with LiveNX

How it Works

Real-Time Network Monitoring

Dashboards and Alerts provide real-time awareness of network issues occurring 

Hardware and
Telemetry Analysis

Understand performance issues within the context of sites, devices, interfaces, geographic regions, Service Providers, and other dimensions to understand the context and scope of the issue.

Share and Collaborate with the Whole Team

Provide a single source of network status to the IT organization with multi-telemetry data from SNMP, API, IPFIX, Netflow, Packet and other sources.


Optimize and Scale performance across your entire organization

LiveNX Helps Your Proactively

  • Identify performance gaps
  • Generate performance reports
  • Alert and detect Network Anomalies


Optimize Application Performance Across Every Site from one Solution

Quickly troubleshoot and resolve poor application performance at remote sites, WAN edge, and data centers.

  • Capture Packet Data from a single source of truth
  • Proactively know when and how to optimize your network
  • Remove any blind spots in your infrastructure


Protocol Analysis Software

Get rapid-fire analytics and insights so you can make the best decisions, quickly, about your network speed, application performance, and security.

  • Real time insights and visualizations
  • Simplify troubleshooting through intuitive visualizations
  • Monitor distributed networks from any site

See It In Action

Using LiveNX, network teams are able to generate a clear priority list of updates and upgrades needed to be performed on the network.


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