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Cloud Migration

Optimize Cloud Migration with Proper Planning and Visibility

Accelerate your cloud migration with end-to-end visibility from on premises environments into the public cloud. Extensive cloud monitoring capabilities easily bridge visibility gaps through flow to packet conversion for true application performance visibility in the public cloud. Leverage a comprehensive network monitoring platform to plan, deploy and optimize cloud migration projects.

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Plan – Achieve End-to-end Visibility
  • Automate discovery of devices, interfaces, applications, tunnels, and users throughout your entire network
  • Baseline application performance and SLA requirements
  • Network performance analytics
  • Design quality of service (QoS) policies
Deploy – Visually Verify Launch Success
  • Quickly identify and resolve network and application performance issues
  • Verify SLAs
  • Verify QoS policies
Optimize – Continual Improvement
  • Continuously monitor the deployment
  • Proactively identify and resolve issues before they happen
  • Optimize performance

LiveAction Capabilities to
Optimize Cloud Migrations

Application path visualization

Visualize application path within the cloud and clearly represent application entry points and exit points within and among private subnets and public subnets, internet gateways within the Cloud network.

End-to-end Application Insight

Visually tie application path from on-premises network to cloud network and back so users can clearly identify per-hop application behavior from an end-to-end perspective.

N-dimensional granular Reporting of application and network data

Slice and dice cloud visibility data into n-dimensions for troubleshooting, cost and consumption analysis, historical analysis via playback capability.

Manage SLA requirements

Identify trends, baselines, and SLA requirements before and after migration.

Insight into granular information

Visibility into Cloud Regions, Availability Zones, Virtual Private Clouds/Networks, Cloud Services, Country of origin/destination to validate cloud security policies and tune them in real-time.

Alerting and Dashboarding for Day 2 operations

Leverage network and application alerting to monitor and troubleshoot cloud network for Day 2 operations.

See the entire network by unifying data from virtually anywhere

Let’s Talk About Your Network

See how LiveNX delivers unmatched network visibility

During your demonstration session our team of network professionals will walkthrough the LiveAction solution, identify your most pressing network performance needs, and discuss how you can:

  • Accelerate your identification of network issues
  • Optimize the performance of business critical applications
  • Simplify performance dashboards and reporting for effective network management