Cisco SD-WAN

Accelerate Cisco SD-WAN solutions with LiveNX
for unified SD-WAN visibility, policy verification and rich troubleshooting drill downs.

Visibility and Insights for Cisco SD-WAN

Visualizing the path and monitoring performance of both the physical underlay and the virtual overlays is key to delivering end-to-end service quality. Manage your SD-WAN network and deliver optimal network performance. With support for any Cisco physical and virtual SD-WAN solution.

Unified Monitoring for Cisco SD-WAN Solution Brief

Better Together: LiveNX and Cisco SD-WAN Solution

As announced, SD-WAN is now supported in Cisco’s IOS XE software. This allows a large installed base of Cisco ISR, ASR and ENCS devices to deliver on the benefits of SD-WAN. LiveNX is the only NPMD platform to support your migration to the cEdge.

Learn How to Successfully Deploy Cisco SD-WAN with LiveAction LiveNX

These hands-on videos show you how to master the key challenges you will face as you roll out your Cisco SD-WAN solution in Day 0, 1 and 2 scenarios. Learn how to plan, deploy and operate your Cisco SD-WAN successfully in these hands-on videos.

Lifecycle Best Practices for SD-WAN

  • Day 0 – PLAN: Select pilot sites when planning SD-WAN deployments, identify unsanctioned applications and end users, and establish network utilization baselines which are used for right-sizing
  • Day 1 – VERIFY: Use LiveNX real-time visualization to verify Cisco SD-WAN policies and assure services are not impacted in the event of brownouts or abnormal events
  • Day 2 – OPERATE: Monitor bandwidth and visualize path control so network administrators can manage performance and mitigate problems before they affect users. Use reporting on business applications to manage and optimize voice and video communications. Easily visualize issues and fix with the click of a mouse

SD-WAN Analytics Workshop

Cisco IWAN Performance Management

Cisco’s Intelligent WAN (IWAN) solution is a software-defined WAN solution that delivered a new approach to networking with Cisco routers and switches. Cisco’s acquisition of Viptela resulted in what is now Cisco SD-WAN and is natively supported in IOS XE.

Learn how LiveNX optimally supports your IWAN to SD-WAN migration with day-zero planning, day-one policy verification, and day-two application performance optimization to network engineering and operations teams.

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