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Advanced Reporting
and Analytics

Generate and share a comprehensive view of everything happening in the network, including performance, capacity, and utilization.

Proactive Network Experience Management

Comprehensive monitoring analysis and reporting provides preemptive solutions to network challenges throughout your infrastructure.

Leverage Enterprise-Scale Data

Consume and correlate network data from a variety of sources at the volume, speed, and variety that the enterprise demands.

Data Analytics and Reporting

Built-in best practice reports and templates ensure your team is delivering error-free value back to the organization on day 1.

Network Optimization Analysis

Avoid network performance issues and costly downtime with automated baselining and trending reports quickly and easily.

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How it Works

Advanced Network Reporting

Report on N dimensions (application, user, site, device, segment, etc.) and easily pivot reports to focus on key network performance intelligence. 

Deep Application and Network Analysis

Correlate between IPFIX, Packets, API, and SNMP data to get a holistic view of network and application events.

Share and Collaborate
with Ease

Easily create comprehensive troubleshooting scenarios and reports to communicate a thorough understanding of historical data or real-time challenges.


Provide your NetOps teams with an advanced analytics platform to:

  • Provide reports and analysis on nearly every aspect of a network’s performance
  • Correlation of data across multiple network domains such as WAN, LAN, Data Center, Cloud, etc.
  • Detailed reporting of metrics throughout the entire network


Utilize advanced Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to:

  • Gain expert insights into application and network performance
  • Baseline application performance for proactive network monitoring
  • Receive customizable alerts when network performance or applications deviate from baselines


Optimize application performance across branches, data centers, and beyond to:

  • Quickly troubleshoot business-critical applications
  • Extend network tracking to remote sites, WAN edge, LAN, etc
  • Easily transition from Flow to Forensic-Level analysis

See It In Action

Using LiveNX, network operations teams are able to generate and share a complete and comprehensive view of network trends to effectively inform senior management on which initiatives to prioritize and invest in.

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Network Reporting & Analysis Resources

Learn more about the importance of comprehensive network monitoring and reporting

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