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NetFlow Analyzer

NetFlow Analyzer for Network-Wide Visibility and Performance Optimization

NetFlow analyzer collects NetFlow and other flow technologies, such as sFlow, jFlow, other flow variants (Xflow) and SNMP for network monitoring and analysis. Additionally, LiveNX uses IPFIX, making it easy to shift from “NetFlow” analysis to packet analysis in a single platform.



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Multi-Vendor, End-to-End
NetFlow Analysis Software

In a single, comprehensive solution, LiveNX monitors flow data of all sorts, SNMP data, and packet data, among other sources of network data.


NetFlow Analyzer
  • LiveNX software seamlessly gathers NetFlow data from Cisco routers, switches, and NetFlow probes for real-time an historic NetFlow analysis without the need for appliance-based network probes.
  • LiveNX NetFlow analyzer provides visual analytics to proactively identify and quickly resolve performance issues.
Multi-Vendor “NetFlow” Analyzer
  • In addition to NetFlow, LiveNX also supports flow analysis on other types of flow data, including J-Flow, sFlow, cflow, and nearly all other flow record variants (XFlow).
  • LiveNX enables analysis of flow data from major network providers like Cisco, Juniper, Aruba and Arista.
IPFIX “NetFlow” Analysis
  • Similar to NetFlow, IPFIX packets can also be analyzed using LiveNX, extending flow analysis to many other vendors such as Citrix, F5, and Avaya.
  • Additionally, packet data can be converted to flow data using IPFIX making it easy to isolate network issues.

NetFlow Analyzer Key Capabilities

Monitor network performance using NetFlow, sFlow, cflow, J-Flow, and nearly all other flow record variants (XFlow) with LiveNX.

Network Performance Visualization and Reporting with NetFlow Analyzer

LiveNX provides best-in-class visual analytics and reporting by natively tapping into NetFlow, sFlow, cflow, J-Flow, and nearly all other flow record variants (XFlow) across multi-vendor, multi-domain environments without the need for physical probes. Visualization and integrated analytics allow you to better understand network traffic and bandwidth so that you can identify trouble spots and improve network performance with service-level context.


NetFlow, Flow and Packet-Level Analysis

LiveNX not only allows for NetFlow analysis but also packet-level analysis in a single platform. LiveNX along with LiveWire/LiveFlow converts packet data into rich flow-based data using IPFIX and automatically exports this data into LiveNX. LiveNX visual analytics then makes it easy isolate problem areas quickly so you can rapidly respond to high severity incidents without the need for deep forensic analysis.


Multi-Vendor Software-Defined WAN Monitoring

Optimize application performance and path control with LiveNX across all major SD-WAN providers. LiveNX can ingest NetFlow and other flow exports from Cisco and other key SD-WAN vendors at unparalleled scale and performance.


Cisco SD-WAN (Viptela) Monitoring and Optimization

In addition to being a Cisco NetFlow analyzer, LiveNX also provides deep integrations with Cisco SD-WAN (Viptela) providing NetOps teams with real-time alerts and reports, historic reports, and inventory for performance insights only LiveAction can provide.


QoS Monitoring and Control

Leverage NetFlow and other flow types within LiveNX to track QoS performance on a per-class basis and receive proactive notification of priority queue drops and potential network quality issues. Then with world-class Cisco workflows, quickly update QoS policies without the need for manual code changes.


Intelligent Alerting

Separate the noise from the issues that need immediate attention. Receive criteria-specific alerts aggregated from multiple events, thereby displaying only alerts requiring immediate attention.


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