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SD-WAN Monitoring

Overlay LiveNX, our total visibility NPM platform, and achieve confident SD-WAN monitoring.


Getting Started? Make sure you’ve got your eyes open

Having visibility over your SDWAN network is key to effective planning, deploying, & optimizing your network for the future.

These top 3 SDWAN roadbumps can give pause to network engineers considering the change

Increased network complexity

SDWAN solutions are made up of of several components: controllers, APIs, overlay and underlay routing, service chaining, and integration with third party services like data centers and public cloud platforms. It can take several different tools to piece together a network management solution that covers every component.

Lack the IT resources to roll out & manage

The amount of time given to the initial deployment and ongoing maintenance requires significant IT human resources. Many of these manual monitoring and adjustment tasks could be spent on forward moving initiatives. Make IT human resources go further with an AI-informed SDWAN monitoring solution that can automate and scale with a network’s growth.

Visibility challenges

With different vendors, and technologies, and domains in increasingly distrubuted and decentralized networks, it can be more difficult to see to the WAN edge.
Monitoring solutions can require overlay and underlay network visibility, working with multiple carriers and carrier technologies to troubleshoot problematic WAN links, and managing packet-level priorities across the WAN.

LiveAction’s application and path visualizations and intelligently solve these common concerns.

With LiveAction’s SDWAN Visibility Tools You Can:

See to the WAN Edge with multi-vendor, multi-telemetry, multi-domain environment visibility into root-cause issues

WAN to the Edge

Automate Monitoring through targeted alerting, predictive analytics and machine learning based on historical data.

Automate Monitoring

Validate ROI

  • Save money through better resource allocation and automation of manual tasks
  • Predict network issues before they happen and circumvent costly outages using holistic network health checks
Validate ROI

Lets Go on a 3 Day Journey of an SDWAN Deployment


Baseline your current network performance so you can measure the result of the deployment.

Day Zero Plan

DAY ONE: Build

Model QoS configurations and network policies before implementing production changes. Use a staging environment or test lab

Day One Build

DAY TWO: Deploy & Manage

Advanced analytics will identify any black holes or points of failure in your WAN so you can tweak your policies for optimal performance

Day Two Deploy Manage

Does it integrate with my SDWAN vendor?

LiveAction gathers real-time data from both multi-vendor network elements and has established integrations with Cisco, VMware, VeloCloud, Fortinet, and Palo Alto Networks.


How does it Work?

LiveAction correlates multiple data sets to provide views, graphs and maps to illustrate the current state of applications and network performance. When a network element makes a path change to protect the applications, LiveAction displays the end-to-end path changes graphically.

Visualize the network and overlay paths from the branch, through the service provider(s) to the data center where the applications reside, for meaningful and actionable information.


SD-WAN Performance management

Learn what our customers already know and see the broadest telemetry platform in action

LiveAction’s SD-WAN Monitoring platform generates unmatched network visibility, from core, to edge to cloud.