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    Have you ever walked into a rain storm with an umbrella that’s “good enough?”

    Like most organizations we talk to, you are likely to have an existing NPM solution in place. And you would be right to ask the questions “Why do I need to change?” or “Is what I have not good enough”?

    In this brief, we will explore the top 7 reasons businesses consider upgrading their existing network performance monitoring solutions and the potential benefits of such a decision.

    01. Evolving Technologies Lead to Increased Blindspots

    Technology is advancing at an unprecedented pace, introducing new protocols, applications, and infrastructure models. Your current network performance monitoring solution may struggle to keep up with these changes, potentially leading to blind spots or “Network Gaps” in monitoring critical components. Upgrading ensures your monitoring solution is compatible with the latest technologies, providing a comprehensive view of your network ecosystem.

    02. Scalability for Business Growth

    As your business expands, so does the complexity of your network. A monitoring solution that served well in the past may not scale effectively to meet the demands of a growing enterprise as companies lean in on hybrid cloud infrastructures, SD-WAN, remote offices, and at-home workers. Upgrading allows you to leverage features and capabilities designed to accommodate increased network traffic, additional devices, and the evolving needs of a larger user base.

    03. Need for Combining Flow and packet Data for Enhanced Visibility and Granularity

    While flow data is useful for efficient high-level monitoring, packet-level data is essential for in-depth analysis and forensic investigations. Together, they provide a holistic view of network activity, enabling better decision-making and ensuring comprehensive network visibility. Ensure your modern network performance monitoring solutions offer advanced features that provide a more granular view of network activities by combining Flow, Packets, SNMP, and APIs). If your current solution lacks the depth of visibility needed to identify and address specific issues, an upgrade can facilitate quicker problem resolution and more informed decision-making.

    04. Security and Compliance Requirements

    With the growing sophistication of cyber threats, security has become a paramount concern for businesses. Up-to-date network performance monitoring solutions often integrate robust security features, helping organizations detect and respond to potential security breaches. Moreover, compliance standards and regulations are continually evolving, and an upgraded solution can better align with these requirements.

    05. Automation for Operational Efficiency

    The manual analysis of network performance data can be time-consuming and prone to human error. Modern monitoring solutions often incorporate automation features, such as AI-driven analytics and machine learning algorithms, to streamline the monitoring process. By upgrading, you can leverage these technologies to gain actionable insights more efficiently.

    06. Cost-Effectiveness in the Long Run

    While upgrading your network performance monitoring solution may incur upfront costs, it’s essential to consider the long-term benefits. Improved efficiency, reduced downtime, and the ability to prevent potential issues before they escalate can lead to significant cost savings over time. A proactive approach to network performance monitoring can be a strategic investment in the overall health of your business operations.

    07. Existing Solutions Not Meeting Needs

    In a recent survey of 500 participants across the USA, Europe, and Asia, a whopping 74% indicated they are unhappy with their current network solutions. The results can be summarized below.

    74% of enterprises are unhappy with their solutions

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