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Discover the most important features to look for in an NDR with Apprize360 & LiveAction.

Explore research into the shifting prioritization of threat detection features presented by Apprize 360 and walk through common use-cases with LiveAction.

Get ready to take notes on these how-to tips:

  • How to use best practices for NDR solution selection criteria
  • How to evaluate existing NDR solutions for perceived strengths and weaknesses
  • How to assess future NDR vendors
  • How to defend against a changing threatscape through NDR feature prioritization

Learn how to curate your NDR selection

Go beyond logs. Harness the security features you need to propel you into the future.

Join LiveAction Senior Director of Product Management, Thomas Pore and Aprize360 Managing Director Timothy Rhodes, for an understanding of what the most important boxes are to check when evaluating your security stack for gaps.

Hear about techniques to combat network vulnerabilities in complex environments and our top features for a modern Network Detection and Response system.