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Managing Cisco QoS for a Better Customer Experience

It’s time to simplify Quality of Service (QoS) deployment and management. This 60-minute Tech Talk Webinar will provide an overview of QoS Monitoring, Configuration, Diagnosis, and Repair in a Cisco environment.

Network Experience (NX) = Customer Experience (CX)

One method for improving your user’s Network Experience (NX) is by utilizing QoS to prioritize application traffic that is critical to achieving their work, and de-prioritizing traffic that isn’t. Unfortunately, effectively deploying QoS across your network hasn’t always been the easiest of tasks.

See how you can improve customer experience by:

  • Tracking QoS performance on a per-class basis in real-time
  • Understanding traffic and QoS behavior via NBAR
  • Monitoring priority queue drops
  • Quickly organizing and generating QoS audits/reports
  • Enhancing Voice & Video quality
  • …and improving overall enterprise productivity

We look forward to seeing you there.

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