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This video discusses Cloud Monitoring for AWS, with new LiveNX cloud monitoring capabilities.  We provide network visibility into your AWS infrastructure within a single comprehensive platform. Additionally, these capabilities provide clear visibility into:

  • VPC traffic
  • AWS Services
  • Troubleshooting on-premises and cloud
  • End to end from on premises to the cloud

Cost and Traffic Usage Analysis

This video highlights how LiveNX provides cost and traffic usage analysis for AWS and Azure by exploring:

  • How much outbound traffic goes through internet gateways (charged)
  • What services are these tied to the traffic
  • Which regions and zones are affected

From a single interface, LiveNX allows clear end-to-end monitoring and troubleshooting. Users can easily monitor and identify traffic usage, trends, and origin.

AWS and Azure Cloud Migration

There are many different aspects to cloud migration whether you’re migrating specific portions, like a database, an entire application stack, or even an entire data center to the cloud. LiveNX  provide:

  • Visibility of VPC traffic and cloud services
  • Troubleshooting on-premise and cloud
  • End to End Visibility

This video discusses a specific use case around a database migration into the cloud. It looks at factors during predeployment, understanding the performance baseline, and lastly deployment and performance.