Using Cisco Medianet Performance Monitor with LiveNX

Cisco’s Medianet Performance Monitor (PerfMon) is a variation of Flexible NetFlow (FNF) that allows the user to become aware of key media and application metrics for traffic flows.

This new capability reports not only on the standard NetFlow 5-tuple (Source IP Address, Destination IP Address, Source Port, Destination Port, and IP Protocol), but also on media specific data such as Jitter, Media Rate Variation, RTP Synchronization Source (SSRC), and much more. The main goal is to grant Network Administrators the chance to detect flow performance issues before they impact the overall usability of the media application.

LiveNX serves to provide a detailed view of the reported Performance Monitor traffic, with an easy to understand graphical interface. Users can then further leverage Cisco’s Performance Monitor technology, with the assistance of LiveNX, to perform troubleshooting and monitoring of critical voice and video traffic flows. This technical application note provides instructions on enabling and using PerfMon within the context of the LiveNX software.