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    Get real-time reporting with LiveAction’s LiveNX platform. LiveNX integrates with Cisco SD-WAN to provide network topology maps and analytics on application and network performance, and pre and post-environment reporting.

    Learn more about unified monitoring in our solution brief with:

    • A detailed 3-day plan for your Cisco SD-WAN rollout
    • A LiveNX platform & Cisco integration diagram and feature list
    • A deployment benefits sheet

    No Cisco’s SDWAN rollout is complete without LiveNX’s reporting and monitoring overlay.

    With SNMP and NetFlow reporting, capacity planning, QoS, and over 100 pre-built and custom reports, you get the insights you need for a successful network transformation.

    Complete SD-WAN Visibility

    Figure 1: Summary Dashboard

    As more organizations look to Software-Defined WAN (SD-WAN) for improved network performance and reduced communication costs across their remote offices and distributed branches, IT professionals need advanced performance and analytics capabilities to gain insights into performance, QoS, path routing, and traffic management complexities to ensure this key initiative is a success.

    Plan, verify, and operate your SD-WAN service successfully with LiveAction’s LiveNX performance and analytics platform. LiveNX integrates with Cisco SD-WAN to ensure key application performance is baselined, and network policies and configurations deliver the targeted application behavior.

    Monitor and continually assess application performance characteristics across the network. The LiveNX real-time network topology maps enable network operations teams to view top application traffic, performance, and bandwidth, and also report on pre- and post-environments for initiative status.

    The Challenge

    SD-WAN has emerged as a game changer for distributed networks to address the demands of digital transformation happening across many organizations today.

    To support emerging architectures without compromising user experience or straining resources, IT leaders need clear migration paths that de-risk the adoption and governance of the latest technologies. Integrated, validated, and easy-to-use solutions that simplify the management of increasingly complex networks and extend network technology investments have high value in today’s enterprise environment.

    Day 0: Plan

    While network migration is not a blank-slate exercise, it does afford an organization the opportunity to perform an audit of applications, sites, service provider transports resources, and policies with a view to tailoring the new network to their business needs.

    Pre SD-WAN – network understanding for policy creation:

    • Migration away from traditional WAN, or legacy, first generation SD-WAN
    • Benchmark application performance
    • Identify business critical applications, including cloud applications deployed without the IT team’s knowledge (Shadow IT)

    Day 1: – Verify

    During the production build out, the proof of concept is rolled out to active users. Once connectivity is established, based on requirements identified from the Day 0 baseline design, you will be enabled to visually verify the policy performance across tunnel paths, service provider transports, sites, devices, interfaces, and applications. This can be a labor intensive, error-prone task and significant troubleshooting is often required to stabilize the configuration.

    Day 1 – Validating Policy/Intent

    • Verify policy intent
    • Visibility into applications, service providers, routes, flows and sites
    • Per segment topology verification

    Day 2: Operate

    Once the production network is live, the ongoing day-to-day operations needs to focus on continual improvements and best practices. LiveNX delivers the data metrics, dashboards and reports of the application and network performance to optimize the end-to-end environment.

    Day 2 – Operations

    • Multi-vendor and multi-telemetry NOC Operations
    • Ongoing performance analysis
    • Faster MTTR Diagnostics – Granular Flow/Performance/Application Visibility
    • WAN capacity planning and prediction


    • Policy
    • Alerting
    • Performance
    • Application
    • Inventory


    • SNMP
    • IPFIX/NetFlow
    • API
    • Packets

    Cisco and LiveNX

    Operationalize your SD-WAN deployment

    LiveNX queries extract real-time information from the network, retain historical information for analytics, and deliver continuous insights to customers.

    Accelerate your SD-WAN roll-out

    The ROI on improved WAN management and visibility is measurable. Using LiveNX with Cisco, one financial solutions company extended their initial 125-site rollout to 825 sites in half the originally proposed time, dramatically accelerating their time to value.

    Flexible deployment options

    LiveNX supports your preferred IT systems environment with packaged options for: on-premises, public cloud or bundled appliance. Fit to meet your needs.

    Broadest telemetry

    LiveAction leverages the broadest array of telemetry including API, IPFIX, SNMP polling, and packets. Path analysis and real-time siteto-site traffic visualization, such as chord diagrams or Sankey diagrams, are best sourced from data flows, which are transport-independent and provide end-to-end visibility.


    Born out of a solution design for the Department of Defense to maintain in-theater network connectivity, availability, and performance, LiveNX helps keep networks running at their optimal level under the most demanding circumstances.

    Immediate ROI on deployment

    LiveNX users have cut SD-WAN rollout time by up to 70 percent, experienced a 5x increase in bandwidth efficiency, and cut costs by 70 percent. Historical DVR-like playback of traffic correlating network and application events allows you to identify root causes of configuration and interoperability issues rapidly. Improved productivity LiveNX helps you quickly identify the location and nature of performance issues and respond instantly, to eliminate potential sources of delay or congestion before they become a problem, and to efficiently optimize application performance across WAN links.

    Reduce OpEx and CapEx

    Accelerate problem identification, troubleshooting, diagnosis, and resolution by up to 20 percent. Use automation to eliminate the time and effort associated with manual configuration and maintenance. Cuts through finger pointing between vendors to a quick resolution with end-to-end visibility. Our software-based platform can reduce tool cost up to 30 percent.

    Eliminate costly downtime

    Use our Day 0 capabilities to plan capacity proactively, resolving problems before they occur. Avoid bandwidth depletion by baselining performance thresholds and set alerts to notify the relevant parties when additional capacity is needed. Reduce MTTR with end-to-end flow status at-a-glance, eliminating up to 90 percent of troubleshooting time. Get visibility into very high rate IPFIX and NetFlow that breaks other management tools.

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