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    No one wants to be the face behind a failed infrastructure project.

    Our solution brief suggests a solution to the planning, implementation, and validation stages of your infrastructure project for successful project deployment.

    We share our:

    • 5 requirements for change management
    • 3 examples of change initiatives
    • Quick stats on transformation obstacles in the NetOps community

    Minimize disruption to your organization by choosing the right Network Performance Management (NPM) platform. LiveAction’s LiveNX manages your digital infrastructure and optimizes your network performance.

    Digital transformation is driving change in many ways, leading enterprises to deploy new applications, expand into multi-cloud architecture, and adopt new network infrastructure. The network can be a competitive differentiator for these digital initiatives.

    Infrastructure initiatives such as a migration to public cloud or SD-WAN are frequently done as a replacement of existing infrastructure. It is critical to monitor the before, during, and after performance metrics of all network elements involved.

    What are Data-Driven Change Initiatives?

    Data-driven change initiatives can ensure the success of major IT rollouts with comprehensive analysis of each step of any deployment within the network.

    • New Application Rollout: Network managers should identify the infrastructure that will support a new application before the rollout begins.
    • Cloud Migration: Investments point to the cloud. Legacy technology is being phased out of businesses as the flexibility and scalability of cloud platforms steps into the limelight.
    • SD-WAN Transformation: Today’s software-defined wide-area network (SD-WAN) solutions provide good native visibility into network overlays, but they often lack visibility into end-to-end WAN performance.

    How Network Managers Can Lead Data-Driven Change with Network Performance Management

    • Baseline existing services: Network managers should use their NPM platform to Identify service dependencies, map traffic patterns and user behavior, and establish basic capacity requirements for the existing service.
    • Guide implementation of new services: Leveraging the power of a modern NPM platform, network managers can generate and share reports on baselined services with the implementation team.
    • Validate Implementation: Network managers can monitor and analyze service performance after data-driven implementation.

    The Challenge

    Poor Planning Leads to Failed Change Initiatives Approaching any IT roll-out must be done with a proper data-driven strategy. Poor planning of new digital initiatives can damage the overall success of an enterprise. It also places a heavy burden on network operations teams, who are tasked with supporting poorly planned transformation.

    • One-quarter of enterprises say poorly implemented infrastructure projects are highly disruptive to network operations today
    • Today, failed infrastructure projects are the third leading challenge to network operations success.
    • Just two years ago, failed projects ranked sixth among network operations challenges.

    The Solution

    Ensure Success by Enabling Data-Driven Change Initiatives

    With an effective network performance management (NPM) platform, network operations teams can provide guidance for planning, implementing, and validating a change to digital services. This platform will also support ongoing optimization and management of digital infrastructure.

    You Need the Right Tool to Manage Change

    1. Extensibility: The platform should be able to collect, correlate and analyze a wide variety of network and infrastructure data, including cloud provider flow logs, management systems APIs, logs, network flows and packets.
    2. Comprehensive visibility: Lack of end-to-end visibility is a significant challenge for NetOps teams. Any tool should be able to visualize, monitor, and analyze end-to-end networks.
    3. Data retention: Change requires historical data to provide a full picture of pre-deployment and post-deployment parameters.
    4. Real-time analysis: When validating success of a change initiative, real-time visibility into service performance will be critical to remediating problems and optimizing digital services.
    5. Flexibility: Any operations platform should support multiple change initiatives. NetOps teams shouldn’t need to acquire a new tool for each project.

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