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    Nukissiorfiit reduced MTTR for its operations team by gaining more visibility of network performance of IoT and Unified Communications applications.

    Nukissiorfiit (Nuke-ess-sorf-it) definition: where energies are created ]

    Nukissiorfiit Facts:

    130 Sites
    400 Employees
    54 Villages Covered
    17 Cities Covered

    With a focus on maximizing energy efficiency, almost 70% of the country’s electricity is produced by renewable energy sources such as hydropower with the remaining supply produced by oil-burned plants.

    As an organization, Nukissiorfiit has more than 130 sites and employs 400 people in 17 cities and 54 villages.

    With a drive to minimize costs and improve efficiencies Nukissiorfiit relies on LiveAction to help manage and monitor its enterprise network.

    Business Challenge

    Nukissiorfiit was determined to gain better insight into the performance of its network.

    This included:

    ✔ Monitoring and securely sharing telemetry data, including real-time energy management solutions for commercial and residential customers.

    ✔ Managing and prioritizing business-critical applications including voice and collaboration platforms for helping employees work more efficiently while getting the most from corporate network assets.

    ✔ Monitoring diagnostics to reduce Mean Time to Repair (MTTR) and boost the network operations team’s productivity.

    ✔ Prioritizing business critical applications over recreational applications to ensure the most important traffic is delivered with the best quality.


    Nukissiorfiit evaluated the industry’s top network performance management offerings. As part of the evaluation process, the company compared each platform and chose LiveNX for its ability to address the business challenges cited above.

    Strengths of LiveNX:

    ✔ Providing visualization and deeper insights into Cisco NetFlow traffic data across a WAN connected with MPLS and accessed through a VPN.

    ✔ Determining the source of link problems for proactive network management.

    ✔ Showing how much of the network’s traffic is business critical, how much is spent on personal use and then aligning the information with cost per megabyte.

    ✔ Capturing and analyzing historical information to identify and more quickly address potential issues in the network.

    Greenland’s electricity produced by renewable energy sources


    Nukissiorfitt’s IT network is a hub-and-spoke model. LiveNX is configured to log information on the network’s performance and provide insight into traffic patterns across 16 sites.

    Better visibility of application performance across their network enabled them to:

    ✔ Monitor and securely share telemetry data, including information from IoT devices, company sites and residential power meters.

    ✔ Manage and prioritize business critical applications including Skype for Business running on Mitel PBX platforms and Citrix.

    ✔ Use historical data to drill down into overall network performance, determine traffic sources, identify link problems, and proactively address issues.

    ✔ Get real-time insights into NetFlow and IP SLA network performance, especially for satellite connections that are critical to supporting emergency management teams.

    ✔ Easily create firewall rules to curb personal use of the network, which results in significant cost savings.

    Nukissiorfiit also cites the benefits of LiveNX’s ease of use to generate reports that meet the needs of different levels of the organization. This includes the CIO, who wants a high-level overview depicting the performance of each site and use of business applications, as well as the IT operations and network engineers that dig deep into LiveNX to gain insights that improve network performance and efficiency.

    “We evaluated the top network performance management solutions and found LiveNX offered the most effective way to drill down into the data and easily visualize NetFlow. With LiveNX as a complementary technology, we learned that we had a 4-5 percent packet loss on those connections and were able to immediately address the issue.”

    – Rasmus Elmholt, Network Architect for Nukissiorfiit

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    About LiveAction®

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