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    CUSTOMER TYPE: Global Design Firm
    INDUSTRY: Construction


    • Performance and quality issues with video conferencing and call center
    • Cumbersome, inefficient, error-prone manual configuration of QoS via CLI


    • LiveNX Network Performance Management increased network visibility
    • Managed QoS policies and classes across all devices via GUI


    • Improved visibility and control of QoS policies across network, devices, interfaces, and queues
    • Gained real-time visibility into end-to-end network traffic flows
    • Saved significant time in troubleshooting
    • Enhanced user experience of voice and video applications


    This Fortune 500 design firm has more than 90,000 employees—including architects, engineers, designers, planners, scientists and management professionals—serving clients in more than 150 countries. Together they develop and implement innovative solutions to the world’s most complex challenges, such as planning cities, restoring damaged environments and delivering clean water and energy.

    With teams and clients distributed across multiple continents and time zones, driving projects of such large scale and complexity to completion involves a high degree of collaboration. However, travel can be a huge drain on time and productivity. Video conferencing is a more efficient and cost-effective alternative, but it depends on a global network that can support the capacity, availability, resilience, and quality of service required.

    Intermittent video and audio problems during conference calls and in the call center prompted the IT team to search for a solution to improve online collaboration. They needed rapid visibility into the global network and specifically into connections experiencing quality problems. In addition, with such a large network, they hoped to find a tool that would increase their efficiency in creating and enforcing Quality of Service (QoS) policies for video and voice traffic.


    The firm needed a tool that could assure end-to-end application and service availability for packet video and audio throughout the global organization. They settled on LiveAction’s LiveNX as the solution to provide that visibility. With a single-pane-of-glass view into the end-to-end network and the ability to drill all the way down to individual connections and ports, LiveNX provided the in-depth visibility they needed.


    The firm made LiveNX a key management component of a large IP telephony upgrade, starting with 200 sites and up to 2,000 devices. The solution allowed the IT department to quickly identify problem connections through simple color-coding of status. The graphical QoS configuration and management tool accelerated configuration, troubleshooting, and resolution of performance issues much faster than when using the manual and error-prone configuration via the command-line interface.

    “LiveNX is extraordinarily helpful for network visualization to see what is working properly and what is not working correctly”

    – Network Planning Director for a Global Design Firm

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    About LiveAction®

    LiveAction provides end-to-end visibility of network and application performance from a single pane of glass. We provide enterprises with confidence that the network is meeting business objectives, full network visibility for better decisions, and reduced cost to operate the network.