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    Collecting Network Data Wherever It Lives

    Bausch + Lomb work with multiple service providers globally and utilizes a vast variety of technologies, including MPLS, raw internet and SD-WAN circuits. They had previously used a collection of vendor-provided and third-party open-source tools to collate information from network devices and service logs.

    The network and IT operations teams ingest multiple types of data from different domains and at the time, lacked the ability to gain a consistent and accurate view of their network at any given time.

    Complete Network Visibility

    Bausch + Lomb needed complete visibility into their complex supply chain that relies on always-on connectivity. Enter; LiveNX, LiveAction’s network and application performance monitoring platform. The solution has patented end-to-end visualization, providing a global view of the network while also allowing users to drill-down to individual devices.

    “It was during a NAC project that our partner TESREX was helping us with that they suggested LiveAction as a possible solution,” explains Victor. “We did a short proof of concept and it was clear almost immediately that this was a real game changer.”

    Outages Spotted During POC

    LiveAction LiveNX provides Bausch + Lomb advanced analytic capabilities, allowing them to easily spot faults on their network. Once uncovered, LiveNX delivers recommendations for remediation, ultimately increasing productivity.

    Further enhancing its mean time to repair (MTTR) capabilities, LiveNX’s DVR-like playback capabilities allows this enterprise organization to go back at any point in time to identify the point of failure.

    “It was actually during the POC test on a small office network that LiveNX detected an ISP service outage that allowed the team to inform the business of an upcoming disruption and adjust for it.” Says Victor.

    LiveNX has been running now for over 2 years at Bausch + Lomb and the platform capabilities have ben highly praised by Victor. “We have a large, busy network and there are never enough hours in the day to get things done,” he says.

    Organizational Profile

    Bausch + Lomb is dedicated to protecting and enhancing the gift of sight for millions of people around the world and have a comprehensive protfolio of more than 400 products, including contact lenses, lens care products, eye care products, ophthalmic pharmaceuticals, over-the-counter products and ophthalmic surgical devices and instruments.

    “Our WAN is the core of our digital infrastructure, which connects over 110 sites around the world,” explains Victor Oduneye, Global Network Services Lead for Bausch + Lomb.

    Company Size:
    Large Enterprise

    Eye Health Product Manufacturer

    LiveAction helps us to free up time and reclaim part of the day to focus on proactive tasks and not just firefighting. We are also spotting issues earlier and since it’s deployment, I would estimate that the time it takes us to find and resolve issues has been cut by 70%.

    Victor Oduneye, Global Network Services Lead for Bausch + Lomb

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    Bausch + Lomb Gain 20/20 Network Visibility with LiveAction

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    About LiveAction®

    LiveAction provides end-to-end visibility of network and application performance from a single pane of glass. We provide enterprises with confidence that the network is meeting business objectives, full network visibility for better decisions, and reduced cost to operate the network.