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Network engineers are no strangers to the complexities of managing and troubleshooting enterprise networks. The good news is that there’s an easier way.

Say goodbye to endless hours spent trying to pinpoint and resolve network problems. Say hello to efficiency and effectiveness with LiveAction’s dynamic duo: LiveNX and LiveWire. Be the hero of your network by harnessing the below capabilities:

  • Meet & Analyze Packets Where They Are
    Pinpoint troubleshooting with LiveNX guiding you directly to the captured packet by LiveWire, enabling instant analysis at its source, no matter where it is in your network.
  • Flow Path Analysis
    Gain insights into your network’s flow paths to optimize performance.
  • Distributed Forensic Search
    Dive deep into packet data and effortlessly bring it all together for thorough evaluation. LiveNX takes the complexity out of forensic analysis.
  • Multi-Segment Analysis
    Transform pcap files into comprehensive ladder diagrams, illuminating the network traversal process. This unique feature gives you unmatched clarity on network behavior.

Chris Bloom, our resident packet guru, is here to guide you through the world of packets and network management. He’s not only passionate but incredibly knowledgeable with 25+ years experience. Connect with Chris on LinkedIn to hear more tips and tricks or schedule a personalized demo with us.