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Greetings to all NetOps professionals! Fresh off the incredibly educational, engaging, and fun experience at Cisco Live 2023, I want to share some key insights that could have a positive impact on your network performance monitoring (NPM) strategy.

The event was a whirlwind of interactions and frequently asked questions. As a result, we’ve gathered together five actionable steps that you can implement today to optimize your Cisco Network visibility.

  1. Investigate Compatibility

Your NPM solution should complement your existing infrastructure like a well-fitted puzzle piece. The first step is to evaluate its compatibility with your current network environment.

Make it a point to test the NPM tools and ensure they seamlessly integrate with your network systems. Remember, the key to effective network monitoring begins with the smooth unification of all components.

  1. Maximize Visibility

One of the major advantages of an efficient NPM solution is the promise of end-to-end network visibility. From the heart of your datacenter to the edges of your network, make sure you’re not missing a beat.

Utilize your NPM solution’s capabilities to proactively manage your network, identify potential bottlenecks, and prevent network disruptions. Your network’s health depends on the visibility you maintain, so don’t settle for anything less than a panoramic view.

  1. Utilize Diagnostic Features

Knowing that there’s a problem is just half the battle, understanding the ”why” is what leads you to victory. The diagnostic capabilities of your NPM solution are crucial tools in your troubleshooting toolkit.

Harness these resources to identify the root cause of network issues, explore potential reasons, and navigate through the most efficient workflows for resolution. Stay informed, stay ahead.

  1. Ensure Security

As you navigate the expansive realm of your network, security should remain your steadfast companion. Keep your NPM solution abreast with the latest security protocols and updates.

Regular patching, updates, and vulnerability checks are essential to protect your network and data from potential threats. Remember, a secure network is a reliable network.

  1. Plan for Scalability

Finally, as your network grows and evolves, so should your NPM solution. Scalability is a cornerstone of successful network management.

Ensure that your NPM tool can accommodate the network’s expansion, without compromising its efficacy. As your business scales, your network monitoring should scale with it, seamlessly adapting to new challenges and environments.

Implementing these five steps can significantly enhance your Cisco Network visibility, leading to more effective network management and performance. Cisco Live 2023 was a testament to the continuous advancements in network technology, and these NPM insights are an important piece of the picture.

Remember, network visibility isn’t just about spotting issues, it’s about being equipped to act on them efficiently. With these actionable items, you’re one step closer to achieving that goal. Until next time, keep innovating and stay connected!

LiveAction was a proud sponsor of Cisco Live! 2023, showcasing our LiveNX network performance management platform and LiveWire packet analysis solution. As the foundation of LiveAction’s Network Intelligence platform, both solutions bring unmatched speed and ease-of-use to monitoring, managing, and troubleshooting Cisco networks, as well as any multi-vendor network. Please request a demo to learn more.

  • Chris Bloom is NPM Product Manager for LiveAction