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Technology is constantly evolving. Every year the tech industry is inundated with countless trends of what will be the “next big thing” that is going to change life as we know it. Terms that many have been boasted as the next step in our technological evolution like Big Data, Machine Learning, and, of course, AIOps may have been easy to ignore for a time, but not anymore.

A few years ago, Gartner predicted AIOps was the “next big thing” for Information Technologies Operations (ITOps), that artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) would change ITOps procedures and reconstruct IT ecosystems – and they were right. Over the years, AIOps has been gaining interest at an exponential rate, especially since we find that traditional processes are no longer applicable due to business’ digital transformation. What does all of that mean for you?

What is AIOps?

Simply put, AIOps is artificial intelligence for IT operations. Gartner coined the term and defines it as such “AIOps combines big data and machine learning to automate IT operations processes, including event correlation, anomaly detection and causality determination.” AIOps bridges three different IT disciplines: service management, performance management, and automation.

How does AIOps Work?


Applying advanced analytics, in the form of ML and AI, and utilizing that learning to automate operations that are handled by a business’ ITOps team. This creates a snapshot of what is a “normal” state of function for the network, thus providing insight into any abnormalities that are affecting the network. This insight enables ITOps teams to move at a much faster pace with increased agility to solve impending issues in the network.

What are the Benefits of AIOps?

By providing intelligent, actionable insights that drive a higher level of automation and collaboration, your ITOps can continuously improve, saving your organization time and resources in the process. The overarching benefit is that ITOps teams are able to identify, address, and resolve slow-downs and outages faster than they can by sifting manually through alerts from multiple IT operations tools. This results in many added benefits including reduced MTTR, modernizing of IT departments and teams, and being able to shift to predictive management as opposed to reactive.

Use Cases

AIOps is incredibly valuable to optimizing IT operations and processes, giving visibility and support to IT teams that were previously done through several tools and solutions. Additionally, it can drive and support other IT initiatives:

  • Cloud Adoption/Migration: Many organizations have already begun transitioning to the Cloud or have begun transitioning to a hybrid cloud solution. By providing clear network visibility, AIOps can dramatically reduce the operational risks of cloud migration and a hybrid cloud approach.
  • Digital Transformation: The right AIOps solution should support an enterprises agility and allow ITOps teams more flexibility. This ultimately gives the organization more freedom to pursue and plan different strategic business implementations, without putting unnecessary burden onto the IT teams.
  • DevOps Initiatives/Adoption: DevOps teams will gain a greater sense of network visibility and insight by utilizing an AIOps solution.

What’s Next?

AIOPs may seem like a daunting task or a tool that may be something to investigate down the road. Consider how machine learning and AI has changed many industries thus far. This is a valuable tool for ITOPs teams to utilize to not only make their jobs easier, but to reduce costs and MTTR. Traditional solutions will be phased out as time presses on, and who wants to be saddled with unwieldy, antiquated technology or tools?

Interested in what AIOps can do for your enterprise? LiveNA is an AIOps solution that delivers next generation baselining and predictive insights on network and application performance. Unlike typical monitoring solutions that require users to identify issues, LiveNA automatically identifies anomalies and surfaces the most critical for users to act on.

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