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Network Performance Reporting

liveaction-home-product-graphic-smallerSNMP and NetFlow Reporting
LiveNX delivers enterprise-level SNMP and NetFlow reporting. With over 100 pre-built reports, network operators and administrators can access deep understanding of how the network and QoS are performing, who is consuming the most bandwidth, and how applications are being utilized and performing.

Capacity Planning
Network capacity planning reports and analytics are necessary for determining how much bandwidth the network needs. LiveNX makes capacity planning a breeze saving you time and providing the insights to optimize your network bandwidth needs.

Custom Network Reporting
Every business is unique. While LiveNX come complete with out-of-box reporting, it also provides custom reporting capabilities for the specific needs of your network operations team.

  • Run advanced customized reports suitable for business units, management, and stakeholders.
  • Schedule or run ad hoc reports to communicate the status of applications, network, sites, or service provider SLA performance.

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