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Network Operations Center (NOC) Monitoring Software

Powerful NOC monitoring software flexible enough to follow your network wherever it goes

If you work in a network operations center, the monitoring is never done.

New devices, threshold adjustments, network audits, live troubleshooting, and baselining for change initiatives are all par for the course in an engineer’s day.

Having a centralized NOC monitoring tool that can monitor, track and accurately report on network performance is a must-have to get the job done.

monitoring is never done

NOC Monitoring Pain Points

Cannot Reproduce The Issue
Cannot reproduce the issue

Feeling helpless when tickets stack up for issues that can't be reproduced? LiveAction has historical playback, so not only can you capture the issue in time, you can quickly resolve the ticket instead of spending hours on long email chains with frustrated users.

Network Blindspot
Network blindspots

You can’t support what you can’t see. switches and routers that are oversubscribed do not produce flow - other parts of network do not produce flow - Liveaction turns packets into flow that did not exist before to create visibility

Time Consuming
Time consuming

To isolate the issue takes a lot of time - multiple tools, phone tag or more emails to gain additional information surrounding the network event.

In the NOC, LiveAction's application and path visualizations intelligently solve these common concerns

NOC Best Practices

Track Meaningful Metrics

Time between incidents, frequency of network events, and average MTTR

Track Meaningful Metrics

Consolidate Data for Accurate Diagnosis

NOCs operate at peak efficiency and greater accuracy when the network data they are monitoring can be combined and correlated into a single interface.

Consolidate Data

Perform Periodic Network Audits

Create weekly or monthly or custom reports on monitoring events from network infrastructure and applications — ex: Layer 1, 2, and 3 networks, circuits, switches, and servers (physical, cloud, and virtual), and Layer 7, applications and network functionality to identify problems anywhere.

Perform Periodic Network Audits

LiveAction Delivers Critical NOC Features

NOC Dashboard - Single Source of Truth

Enable NOCengineers to effortlessly manage resource usage and metering with an end-to-end view of the network that lets you zoom into the connection and interface level.

Single Source of Truth

Root Cause Analysis

Allows NOC engineers to quickly identify the cause of the network event. An advanced NPM platform should make it easy for a NOC engineer to correlate a network event to a user complaint and drill into the raw data to confirm.

Root cause analysis

Targeted and Tiered Alerting

Not every NOC engineer needs to receive every alert. Having an alerting system that can set thresholds to categorize urgency and specify who receives notification for what level of urgency creates a controlled environment that minimizes disruption and duplicated efforts.

Targeted and Tiered Alerting

Unparalleled Visibility

Total network visibility accelerates the detection and mitigation of quality-of-service (QoS) issues as well as allowing NOC engineers to see into remote endpoints and datacenters

Unparalleled Visibility

Reduce downtime with a centralized solution for monitoring and managing the network infrastructure.

LiveAction Resources

LiveAction’s best-practice QoS Wizard helps automate your policy making process and seamlessly connects to tracking reporting, and graphic visualization of network traffic.