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Network Health Assessment

Are your users reporting that a specific application (or the internet in general) is slow, intermittent, or not functioning at all?

Are you lacking the tools to troubleshoot and quickly repair the situation?

How about a free tool that you can start using right away?

Look no further, the free LiveAction Network Health Assessment is here.

With the LiveAction Network Health Assessment you will have everything you need to capture traffic and quickly diagnose the problem. You’ll easily discover what types of problems are happening, whether they are network issues like TCP window size, or application related issues like HTTP errors or slow response times. With over 200 expert diagnoses and built-in latency analysis, the LiveAction Network Health Assessment provides a tightly integrated workflow from quality metrics of applications, flows, and VoIP calls, to examining the individual transactions as ladder diagrams all the way down to the actual packets and decodes. You’ll gain immediate insight into root cause and how to quickly resolve problems.

We think you’ll love it so much you won’t want to miss out on our LiveWire solution which not only enables packet capture at enterprise scale speeds, but it can be integrated with LiveNX to export LiveFlow (enhanced NetFlow) for continuous monitoring and alerting from all segments of the network through a unified platform.

Download the FREE LiveAction Network Health Assessment and get started today!