LiveAction Value versus Riverbed

  • Gartner ranks LiveAction higher than Riverbed in their “peerinsights” category
  • Reduce existing NPMD system complexity – LiveNX automatically combines SNMP+Flow+DPI data in a single-pane-of-glass Workflow-based (drill-down) views and configuration is fast and easy
  • Other NPMD solutions use multiple products with their own UI and configuration with disjointed workflows
  • Visualize holistic network performance – LiveNX Geo and Logical Topology maps are automatically created and can be easily tailored by anyone (not just highly skilled engineers), to easily find, drill-in and solve end-to-end Network Performance Issue
  • Other NPM solutions do not automatically produce performance maps
  • Speed to see packets reduces MTTR – LiveWire continuously streams DPI-based data (LiveFlow) to LiveNX to provide a patented ‘Hop-by-Hop’ (Flow-Path-Analysis) troubleshooting workflow from LiveFlow data directly to Packets all in the same Web browser.
  • Other NPM solutions are a collection of separate tools that do not seamlessly combine Flow analysis directly to Packets.

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