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Compare LiveAction with 3 Industry Leading NPMs Featuring Apprize360 Analyst Tim Rhodes

Wednesday, May 11, 2022 at 6:00 pm ET

Join us as we explore the wines of the world as well as three of the top NPM solutions + LiveAction.

In this pairing, you will be tasting the best wines of the world while “tasting” how different NPM solutions stack up across a five-criteria rubric. Get your tasting pencils ready and see who comes out on top for balance and body.

Gain valuable insights on best practices for choosing the right NPM solution based on the latest customer research from Apprize360 Intelligence. Timothy Rhodes, Managing Director at Apprize360 Intelligence, will share the five key criteria you must consider before choosing an NPM vendor. Join our lively Q+A and discussion with Apprize360 Intelligence & Simply Tasteful sommelier.

Whether it’s a bouquet of flavors or a bouquet of data you are looking to unite, this webinar will explore what each solution has to offer so you can walk away with the reserve NPM solution for your digital transformation.

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Timothy Rhodes

Managing Director at Apprize360 Intelligence