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Why LiveAction?

Network teams that leverage LiveAction Get end-to-end visibility for network security and performance from a single source of truth. Enterprises gain confidence that the network is securely meeting business objectives, full network visibility to better inform NetOps and SecOps as they drive critical decisions for performance and threat response, and lower overall cost of network and security operations.

The Entire Network

LiveNX provides network and application visibility for your entire Enterprise network, including Access, Branch, Campus, WAN, Data Center, and Public Cloud infrastructure via a single-pane-of-glass interface. Network telemetry is generated either by the network infrastructure or LiveAction products as appropriate. LiveNX provides Day 2 monitoring capabilities with customized workflows for specific user monitoring requirements.

Vendor Agnostic

Leveraging standardized telemetry such as IPFIX, SNMP, and metadata generated by inspecting packets, LiveNX provides network and application visibility across an enterprise network, agnostic of vendor specific technologies. LiveAction augments additional metadata where required to provide the best network and application visibility possible

Broadest Telemetry

LiveAction leverages the broadest array of network telemetry including API, IPFIX, SNMP, and Packets. Our products then bring this broad data set together to curate specific workflows for Day 2 operations for Network Engineers to  monitor and manage their enterprise network for a wide-variety of use cases.

Path analysis and real-time, site-to-site traffic visualization, such as chord diagrams or Sankey diagrams, are best sourced from line-rate capture of data flows, which are transport-independent and provide end-to-end visibility.

Real-Time and
Historical Insights

LiveAction products provide comprehensive and as real-time analysis as technologically feasible. Real-time insights are provided by investigating and correlating data in many dimensions.

Network Engineers can go to historical analysis via DVR capability not only for data analysis but also from a situation awareness perspective

Centralized Data

One of the key requirements of an NPM product is to  sift through data in N-dimensions to identify issues, troubleshoot, and do root cause analysis. LiveAction products support aligning dataset to satisfy key User troubleshooting scenarios. They support searching key pieces of information, filtering datasets, and the ability to pivot from one dimension to another for triaging.

Predictive Analytics

Network Operators have an increasing need to be able to predict issues before they happen due to increasing network complexity and user experience requirements

LiveAction solutions support baselining, anomaly detection, and prediction capabilities for several common network operations use cases such as capacity planning, application performance, QoS policies and utilization, bandwidth

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