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Cloud Monitoring
for Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Operations

Advanced visibility from the core to the cloud delivers actionable insights into network and application performance

LiveAction cloud monitoring uses LiveNX as the centerpiece to deliver:

  • A familiar interface so NetOps is productive in the cloud quickly
  • Cloud application performance data where none exists
  • The best cloud operation flow data for alerting and troubleshooting
  • Root-cause analysis for cloud operations based on packet data (with LiveWire)

Challenges of Monitoring in Cloud Environments

Lack of Holistic Visibility
Lack of Holistic Visibility

Many organizations rely on the native monitoring tools offered by cloud vendors. These multiple, siloed tools don’t allow your NetOps teams to understand how cloud impacts overall network performance, creating blind spots and limiting troubleshooting.

Limited Insight Into Resource Utilization
Limited Insights into Resources

Without reporting that sees into the entire cloud environment, organizations run the risk of buying unneeded capacity or worse, underestimating the network’s need. Without historical performance data, it’s difficult to anticipate future capacity needs.

New Security Considerations
New Security Considerations

With cloud operations, privileged credentials must now be managed across multiple environments and policies for data governance across cloud environments must be established to protect data from risk. This can create nightmares for SecOps teams.

Cloud Network & Application Visibility

Gain deep visibility into traffic, application usage, and performance across your cloud infrastructure. Using the familiar LiveNX platform as the control center, LiveAction enables application-aware NetFlow visibility where traditional visibility gaps may exist with legacy or evolving vendor landscapes.

Intelligent Cloud observability

Support Day 2 Operations in the Cloud

LiveAction supports day two operations – monitoring, network troubleshooting, and application behavior – for cloud, hybrid, and multi-cloud operations. Get a hop-by-hop analysis of application paths for KPIs like application and path latency, utilization, packet loss, and more.

monitoring is never done

Cost and Consumption Analysis

LiveAction lets admins slice and dice cloud visibility data into n-dimensions for troubleshooting, cost and consumption analysis, and historical analysis via playback capability. With LiveNX, you can measure cloud applications and services performance, and baseline utilization over time, for capacity planning and cost optimization.


Cloud Migration

Whether migrating a few specific databases or servers or an entire application stack or datacenter, you’ll need a clear understanding of pre-and post-migration KPIs. LiveAction measures historical baselines and changes over time, so your team knows what good, and bad, performance looks like.

Baseline your Performance

Security Incident Response

With LiveNX, you have clear and deep visibility into accepted and rejected traffic in your cloud operations. Once an intrusion is detected, LiveNX records the activity – the network packets – to determine both the fingerprint and the extent of the breach so you can respond quickly and confidently.

Encrypted Traffic

Any Cloud Provider

LiveAction is designed from the ground up to be vendor-agnostic, supporting networking devices from just about any provider. This flexibility extends to the cloud, with support for AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and other cloud services providers, so you can host cloud operations where it makes sense.

single user-interface

Bridge visibility gaps for true app performance visibility in public clouds