Bringing flow and packets together for network-wide monitoring and diagnostics …

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Flow gives you …

… an end-to-end understanding of network performance and how applications are affected, particularly when integrated with controller data accessed by SNMP and APIs.

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Packets give you …

… a view into your network that only wire data can provide and the ability to diagnose issues with precision and efficiency not otherwise possible.

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Together …

Your entire network made visible, with end-to-end monitoring, broad analytics, and deep diagnostics, all from WAN edge to datacenter core.

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Delivering the Next Generation of Network Performance Monitoring and Diagnostics

If you know LiveNX or LiveSP

… then you know LiveAction has the industry’s most advanced visualization engine, aggregating flow, SNMP, and API-based data for unprecedented visibility and control.

Product is great and company is even better”

— Network  & Systems Analyst Consultant — 

If you know LiveCapture and Omnipeek …

… then you know LiveCapture is the fastest, most capable analytic capture appliances for network traffic, sending data to Omnipeek, the industry’s most advanced protocol-analysis software.

LiveCapture (Omnipliance) and Omnipeek make network troubleshooting much simpler, helping IT solve problems faster and keep vital services running.”

— Sam Mauntz Director, Solution Support, Vocera Communications — 

Together creating the next generation of network management.


                  SEE your entire network

                  FIND what matters

                  FIX issues that arise

                  TUNE for performance

Creating an Integrated Solution

Wire data into

Now, LiveAction LiveWire, a small, inline appliance with 1Gbps bypass ports, will monitor network traffic and export the results as flow data to LiveNX. Corners of your WAN that weren’t visible before appear in LiveNX’s visualizations with full fidelity. See more of your network. Fix issues faster. Optimize better.

Launch into

When a problem occurs on your network, LiveNX typically can tell you what you need to know to resolve the issue. Sometimes, though, packet analysis would be useful. If so, LiveNX can launch Omnipeek—advanced protocol analysis software—with the parameters of the flows you are viewing. Fix it fast. Fix it forever.

Packet Capture

You can’t see packets if you haven’t captured them. LiveAction now has a complete line of packet capture products from virtual to rack-mount appliances with 1G, 10G, 40G, and 100G interfaces and storage from 8 TB to 320 TB.

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LiveAction has the most advanced Network Performance Monitoring and Diagnostics solutions available today, available with capabilities to meet your needs no matter how big or small they are or where in the network they may be.

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