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Capacity Planning

Smarter Machines with Advanced Analysis and Reporting Techniques

The Challenges of Network Complexity

As networks become faster, more agile and more intelligent, it’s nearly impossible to keep up with all the devices, tools, users, and applications running on them. Without a comprehensive view into network performance and predictive insights into what’s about to happen, IT organizations risk significant financial losses and customer confidence.

Proactively Prevent Problems Before They Impact Business

Prevent end user experience problems before they occur with a network data analytics tool platform that provides proactive insight into potential issues so you can prevent major incidents from impacting business. Machine learning and behavioral analytics provide additional insight into the chain of interconnected technology, processes and any rapid changes.

Proactive Insights for Preventative Actions

LiveInsight uses advanced analysis and reporting techniques to prevent network problems before they occur.

Keep Human Intelligence at the Center of Problem Solving

LiveInsight uses machine learning to gather real-time network data and learns the behavior of devices, applications, and users on the network. By keeping a human-in-the-loop, IT organizations get better insights to make better decisions.

Detect Anomalous Behavior in Your Network

LiveInsight learns baseline trends, identifies anomalies and automatically notifies the team.

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