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Network Baseline Tool

Baseline network performance metrics before implementing major change initiatives

liveaction-home-product-graphic-smallerBefore implementing a significant change initiative, it’s important to identify key baseline performance metrics to understand if and how the new technology impacts overall network performance.

As an industry best practice, network managers use baseline performance metrics to:

  • Compare normal network traffic to abnormal conditions to anticipate network deterioration or failures or troubleshoot performance.
  • Determine when future capacity upgrades are necessary
  • Comply with the capacity requirements of service-level agreements (SLA)

LiveAction network monitoring tools make essential baselining manageable for large networks. By monitoring and storing historical network performance data, LiveNX advanced network monitoring software can dynamically create network baselines as well as standard threshold metrics across complex networks. From these baselines and threshold standards, more accurate alert levels can be set so software can assess and quickly inform network managers about upcoming device failures or performance issues.

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