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Network Visibility Solution

Reduce latency and jitter and find the source of network issues from a single user interface

Does managing your network feel like watching a train crash? Large networks are unwieldy to manage and monitor. Targeted alerting and semi-autonomous network analytics go beyond traditional business intelligence to give you back the upper hand on your network.

Network Application Performance

LiveAction’s Monitoring Solutions Help NetOps Teams Evolve from Reactive to Predictive Activities

Democratize Data: Agnostic-Everything

A simple agnostic-everything monitoring solution to unify your network analytics & reporting. Enhance your data discovery. LiveAction ingests all network data sources across the entire network – WAN, SD-WAN, Multi-cloud, remote sites, data centers, and WiFi.

New Insights
New Insights: Layering Data types

LiveAction uses machine learning for intelligent data visualization. Correlate and stack diverse data collection types. Correlating SNMP, Flow, and Packet data bring unique findings like forecasting and pattern matching for faster root cause analysis and new insights.

Enhanced Visibility
Enhanced Visibility: AI & ML modeling

See flow where it wasn’t generated before. LiveWire adds visibility for wire data collection at the WAN’s edge at remote sites and datacenters. LiveAction learns historic patterns for predictive analytics and threshold alerting for deeper insights.

Modern NPM & NDR for Enhanced Fault Detection

Zoom in from a global view. Drill down to a geographic site, a single hop, or even an individual packet. Analyze across N dimensions between IPFIX, Packets, API, and SNMP data. Streamline tracking and congestion intervention with autonomous features. Use ML and AI to peer into encrypted traffic for malware without needing decryption.


Tie Together Network & Application Data for Advanced Analysis

LiveAction unifies and simplifies the collection, correlation, and presentation of application and network dataflow analysis and packet capture into one dashboard for faster root cause identification.

Network and Application Data

Holistic Visibility of IT Ecosystems

Enjoy topographical network views of the entire network’s traffic stream across multiple network domains such as WAN, LAN, Data Center, Cloud, etc. LiveAction’s monitoring and detection tools deliver consistent application and network performance in easy-to-share reports, data statistics, and insights.

Holistic Visibility

Learn what our customers already know and see the broadest telemetry platform in action

How far does your data discovery go? Make sure you can gather end-to-end data and reporting on:

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Unparalled telemetry, from core, to WAN edge to cloud