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Network Performance Management Tool

End-to-end visibility for network security and performance management from a single source of truth.

liveaction-home-product-graphic-smallerProactively identify, troubleshoot, and resolve network and application performance issues regardless of where they occur to speed time to repair, avoid costly downtime, and meet business needs.

Application performance monitoring is critical to keeping your business running smoothly. What’s needed is end-to-end visibility for troubleshooting remote sites, WAN Edge, data centers, and cloud. LiveFlow provides extended IPFIX data which is exported to LiveNX, where the complete network topology is visualized. LiveAction solutions enable fast and easy troubleshooting of applications using both NetFlow and deep forensic analysis via packets.

LiveAction network and application performance management solutions enable:

  • Fast packet capture to troubleshoot applications, such as VoIP and video, using deep forensic analysis.
  • Valuable insight into network packets to investigate and report on problems.
  • Confidence to address standards compliance and security issues.

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