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Network Capacity Planning Tool

Prepare for the change initiatives in your future with capacity planning

Network availability, low latency, high packet transmission rate… all of these desirable network traits start with proper capacity planning.

Capacity Planning

Why does capacity planning matter?

Capacity planning allows NetOps to practice data informed decision making when rolling out network changes

Spot risks

See what devices, (ex: bridges and switches) are reaching capacity most frequently and which are servicing the least links. This is an indicator you may want to replace equipment or add more ports before starting a change initiative


Once you have baselined the capacity of each link and piece of network equipment, you have a control variable to compare new equipment and applications against. Plan ahead for additional requirements of a new application before capacity is exhausted.


Knowing what capacity each component of your network can manage, allows you to calculate and anticipate when new infrastructure will be required.

Baseline performance

Baselining helps you understand where your network resources are going and allows you to see if you are compliant with network management policies.

A performance baseline gives you historical comparison for network changes and a point of reference to contrast with when irregular network patterns occur.

Baseline your performance

Right-size your network

A network capacity assessment ​lets you stop the over / under utilization guessing game and create precision-based network architecture.

Here’s a practical example: when hiring new remote employees, capacity planning knows the exact capacity of the segment that connects new employee endpoints together and the capacity of the links that carry the traffic between the terminals and applications they will be using.

Right size your network

Service Assurance

Make sure your service providers and third-party vendors are hitting their SLAs with service-assurance verification. Verify and report on service assurance KPIs with capacity reporting.​

Service Assurance

Level set your digital transformation with LiveAction’s automated baselining & capacity planning capabilities.

What can you use capacity planning for?