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Capacity Planning

Capacity planning is critical for optimal application performance.

liveaction-home-product-graphic-smaller Capacity planning is critical for optimal application performance. Under provisioning of network resources leads to congestion—resulting in bad user experience, loss of productivity and a negative business impact. To avoid under provisioning, most organizations resort to overprovisioning. However, overprovisioning of network resources results in excess capital spend and a negative impact to the bottom line. Most provisioning and capacity planning issues are due to the lack of adequate solutions that provide comprehensive network and application visibility to the admins.

  • LiveNX provides network admins the capability to run multiple out-of-the-box capacity planning reports.
  • Reports enable admins to get detailed information on device and interface usage along with application visibility for informed capacity planning.
  • All data presented in reports can be exported from LiveNX for additional analysis.

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