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Network Detection and Response (NDR) Solution

Secure Your Entire Network – From Core to Edge to Cloud

Threat actors no longer break in, they simply log in. They operate inside encrypted traffic, navigating across your network undetected. Conventional security solutions aren’t cutting it, it’s time for a new approach. The ThreatEye network detection and response (NDR) platform is purpose-built for network security, combining next-generation data collection, advanced behavioral analysis, and streaming machine learning for network threat detection and security compliance.


AI-Driven NDR Behavioral Analytics


Deep Packet Dynamics

150+ Packet Traits & Behaviors across multi-vendor, multi-domain, and multi-cloud networked environments
Agnostic to Packet Contents

Machine Learning

Machine Learning

Scalable Real-Time Analysis of Deep Packet Dynamics.
Purpose-built for enterprise network security

Encrypted Traffic Analysis

Encrypted Traffic Analysis

Detect what others miss
Actionable Intelligence
Eliminate Encryption Blindness
Validate end-to-end encryption compliance

Encrypted Traffic Visibility is the Key to Security

Increased adoption of encrypted network protocols is causing the erosion of network visibility for security teams. Legacy tools are losing visibility.  Encrypted Traffic Analysis, the application of machine learning applied to deep packet dynamics, is the perfect solution for analyzing encrypted traffic without the need for decryption.

Save downtime with faster detection through industry leading real-time detection analysis. Designed to process millions of events per second, ThreatEye’s multi-stage analysis pipeline is fueled by analyzers – or models – engineered to analyze network traffic without multiple passes over the data stream. Analyzers are architected specifically for network security and scale via parallel processing.


Detect Threats that Others Miss

ThreatEye’s Deep Packet Dynamics (DPD) is agnostic to packet contents and is used to create a historical inventory of traits and behaviors for profiling and fingerprinting, a technique that works equally well with both encrypted and unencrypted traffic. Machine Learning models are applied to identify advanced behavioral threat actor anomalies including phishing, malware, unauthorized remote access (RDP/VPN), reconnaissance, lateral movement, C2, tunnelling, hands-on-keyboard, and data exfiltration.


Decrease Time to Investigate - SOC Enabled

Enable the effectiveness of the SOC by increasing the speed of response. ThreatEye’s multi-stage analysis pipeline correlates and enriches traffic with findings detail, risk scores, and MITRE ATT&CK labeling. Using ThreatEye, you can respond in real-time and accelerate triage with integrated packet analysis.


Customizable Dashboards and Advanced Reporting

The ThreatEye NDR solution enables simplified management of the threat investigation lifecycle by combining and correlating sets of high-fidelity findings to track the state of an incident, enhancing analyst workflow and efficiency.


Ensure Platforms Conform to Security Standards

ThreatEye provides encryption-policy specific alerting and reporting for security compliance. The increased adoption of encryption to secure applications calls for a greater need to ensure all platforms conform to the encryption standards of the enterprise.


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Experience how ThreatEye Network Detection and Response can eliminate blindspots and detect threats hidden in encrypted traffic.